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Dry Eyes affecting vision.

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Lovetopaint037 Tue 14-Feb-23 14:32:57

I have been told I have dry eyes and I use the drops recommended on a daily basis. However, one eye seems a lot worse than the other and frequently mists over. That eye is often sore and painful. I have my eyes tested annually as I also have cataracts which are not bad enough to be treated at the present time. I was wondering if cataracts increase the dry eyes problem and if having them treated would make things worse.

Curlywhirly Fri 17-Mar-23 09:16:22

I was diagnosed with dry eye (which was really bad in one eye in particular); was prescribed eye drops and used a heated eye pad, all to no avail. After 5 years the problem was getting worse and I was suffering from continual eye infections. Finally I was referred to an eye specialist. After tests it turned out I actually had a blocked tear duct. I had surgery, which completely solved the problem. To be fair to my GP and optician (who both diagnosed dry eye) I think I do have dry eye too; both eyes run in very cold weather and when I wakeup in the morning. But it is mild and nothing like as uncomfortable as the blocked tear duct was.