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haglund's bump (Pump Bump)

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melp1 Sun 12-Mar-23 10:16:56

Just developed this, & was it was so painful keeping me awake at night and painful when walking (which I have to do as I've got a dog that needs walking twice a day). Podiatrists advised exercises which have really helped & now not as painful but has said the only way to get rid of it permanately is surgery. Has anyone had this surgery? How long does it take to recover and does it work, or does it recur?

tanith Sun 12-Mar-23 10:39:10

I have a Haglunds deformity it developed after I did a very long walk aggravating the tendon. It isn’t painful any longer and I now buy trainers a half size bigger but I’ve learnt to live with it having already two hip replacements I decided I wouldn’t go down the surgery route.

melp1 Sun 12-Mar-23 14:48:28

Glad to hear its not painful any longer, did you have to rest it for a long time or has doing exercises improved it. Mine doesn't seem to be going altogether but has improved. Still out walking alot because of my dog, are you back doing long walks?

tanith Sun 12-Mar-23 17:23:52

I tried to carry on walking and putting hot and cold compresses. I have quite a pronounced lump though but its not stopped me walking.

PerkyPiggy Sun 12-Mar-23 17:51:03

I have had surgery on both heels and so glad I did. The first surgery was in April 2018 and the second in November 2019. After each operation I was in a half cast and on crutches. For six weeks after the first op but only two after the second. I was in an air boot after the casts were removed. My strength in both ankles was weakened after the ops and I lift myself onto my toes without using my other foot. Essentially I think it took me about six months before I had full strength in each heel. Please feel free to ask any other questions.

PerkyPiggy Sun 12-Mar-23 17:52:07

*Couldn't lift

melp1 Mon 13-Mar-23 19:32:08

Thanks for letting me know. I was wondering how long recovery was,
I'm 69 and wondered how quickly I'd be back to normal. With having a dog 6 weeks on crutches would be too difficult for me to organise.
Do you know what caused yours?

grannyqueenie Mon 13-Mar-23 19:48:58

After trying every non surgical solution I’d been offered I had one removed in about 12 years ago when I was 60. It was a day case under general anaesthetic, no cast just heavily bandaged and a fabric boot. No weight bearing for a few days and had to go carefully for 2 weeks until the stitches came out. Although it was not painful to walk it was a 2-3 months after that before I was comfortable wearing normal shoes, Crocs saved the day! I was warned the scar could easily become inflamed and sore but I’ve been very careful with foot wear and have had no problems with it. I’ve never regretted having it done. Good luck with whatever you decide.

PerkyPiggy Mon 13-Mar-23 21:42:07

I really don't know what caused mine. I used to do a lot of exercise, especially aerobics, in my 20s and 30s so general wear and tear may have been the reason. I also have high arches - which I read somewhere could contribute to this condition.
I am now 58 and luckily my husband was able to walk our dogs. I am now completely pain free which is a huge relief. Good luck whatever you decide to do.