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Prescription Eye drops

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Marrion Wed 15-Mar-23 16:58:50

Has anyone had an alergic reaction to Trusopt Preservative free eye drops, these drops contain dorzolomide hydrochioride. Prescibed in addition to Monopost eye drops to lower IOP. Would like to hear from anyone who has used these drops and what side effects they might have had.

Blossoming Wed 22-Mar-23 10:50:51

No, but didn’t want to ignore your post. I use Thealoz as recommended by my ophthalmologist but they’re not on prescription.

teabagwoman Wed 22-Mar-23 11:03:02

Could it be dry eye rather than an allergy? I haven’t used these drops either but did get a sore eye when using Dorzolamide. This turned out to be dry eye, despite my eye watering a lot. I follow the warm compress, massage and clean routine daily and no longer have problems.

Sparklefizz Wed 22-Mar-23 11:26:11

I have dry eyes and Blepharitis and am prescribed Hylo Forte eye drops and Blephasol Lotion, and to use a heated eye mask.

My eyes were so sore and prickly when I first started using these that they stung like crazy, but now I make sure to reapply frequently during the day (and night) and the drops no longer sting.