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Moonwatcher1904 Thu 11-May-23 00:42:17

I've made regular trips to my dentist since I was in my 20s and apart from a few fillings had few problems. When I was into my 50's started losing my top ones until I eventually had the last few removed and a full top set. I was diagnosed with hypothyroidism and it seems it's possibly a side effect. Now I started losing my bottom ones a few years ago and by March this year had constant infections in a couple of lower ones and had to have 2 of them out. Unfortunately one was right in the middle and now I have a gap right at the front. My dentist refuses to see me until my next appointment in July to get fitted for a bottom set. I feel so self conscious as I have only 6 left and a gap in the middle. Has anyone else had the same wait for theirs? I don't recall having to wait that long for my top ones.

crazyH Thu 11-May-23 01:00:57

I think that’s unacceptable. The front teeth are so important - please ask to deal with that first. I hear that you can have dentures fitted the same day. I too have lost a couple of teeth, but it’s further back and not too obvious at the moment. I would rather have implants, but they are expensive - we’ll see how it goes.
Good luck !

Grammaretto Thu 11-May-23 04:02:52

My 2 front lower teeth broke just before Christmas a week apart. The dentist removed them and took impressions but the denture wasn't fitted until March.
I don't think I smiled until then!

Allsorts Thu 11-May-23 05:37:06

Moon watcher, I can't see why dentist did not remove the other six teeth. It's s a long wait for for anyone and can understand you being upset but it will soon be July. How have you got on with dentures. If get dies a good job it will be worth the wait.

Moonwatcher1904 Thu 11-May-23 14:33:01

Thanks ladies for your replies. I do quite well with my top ones but struggle with hard food as biting down makes them come loose even using Fixodent. I'm hoping having a set of bottom ones doesn't make me feel and look like a horse. smile