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Custom made ear plugs

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lippyqueen Wed 17-May-23 08:56:50

Morning all. Does anyone have experience of custom made earplugs. I have been looking at them (see my post on light sleeping). I wondered if these were the answer to a better nights sleep for a very light sleeper. Do they block out most noises and are they comfortable to wear. Any advice would be very helpful as they are pretty expensive and I don’t want to go down that route if they are not very effective. Thank you

Elless Wed 17-May-23 10:04:25

I had some made years ago to wear whilst riding a motorbike. They don't block out all noise, you can still hold a conversation with them in, they just muffled traffic and wind noise. They are comfortable because they obviously are shaped to your inner ear and they don't fall out.

tanith Wed 17-May-23 10:10:43

Have you tried silicone ear plugs? They are excellent, you warm them and they mould over the ear canal (not in it) and shut out noise really well. I’ve used them when sharing with my daughter on holiday, we both snore and we both agreed how affective they were.

V3ra Wed 17-May-23 11:42:34

Our marriage has probably survived because I discovered Boots Muffles wax earplugs years ago.
They need softening in your hand then rolling into a cone shape. Ease them gently into your ear until they're comfortable. Magic 😁

I've not seen custom-made ones though, but would be interested to know more about them.

Sago Wed 17-May-23 13:11:30

The custom ones are excellent, I looked into treating my husband to a pair for shooting, I asked some fellow shooters who said they were worth the investment.