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Looking for a Pilates-yoga online video

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Leavingnormal Thu 07-Sep-23 07:15:31

Hi’ I’m hoping someone can recommend one. I used to do
Pilates for years but chronic illness & back problem stopped me. I’ve gotten back into it a couple of times now, regained some strength etc.. but eventually my back becomes v painful again and I have to stop. It’s been nearly 2 years since I stopped this time.

So, once more I’m looking for a beginner’s Pilate and/or yoga video online that’s gentle and suitable for a now, very unfit, woman.


M0nica Thu 07-Sep-23 07:40:35

Recommending exercise routines for another person, especially one who is not entirely fit, is not something we should do - and is well nigh impossible because everyone has a whole set of things they like and don't like in an exercise class.

I do Tai Chi rather than Pilates, butI have a couple of online exercise routines that I do and I found those myself by just searching through the many online sessions available. You can put limiters on your search like length of time.

Gala Thu 07-Sep-23 08:16:34

Have a look at “gentle stretch class for seniors” on utube. Lots of movements similar to beginners pilates. Might be a good way to get back in.

Foxygloves Thu 07-Sep-23 08:31:53

Whatever you do, avoid “Better Me”
Their Pilates/yoga progs for “seniors” (hate that word) look tempting but they lock you into a monthly sub . I eventually had to get my bank to get my money refunded because of their dodgy “terms & conditions”

Esmay Thu 07-Sep-23 08:47:16

I wonder if you really need to go to Pilates classes to avoid possible injuries .

I'm tempted with Tai Chi classes .They are available just up the road - a two minute walk .

Otherwise , I do static exercises taught to me over 20 years ago by my incredibly fit New Zealand friend .

GrannyGravy13 Thu 07-Sep-23 08:56:15

In your situation I would look for a local class preferably a stretch one with a qualified instructor.

I would let the instructor know any physical problems that I had and if she is a good one she will then adapt the exercises to your capabilities.

Overtime once you have improved your core strength and flexibility you may be able to go back to Pilates or try Callanetics.

foxie48 Thu 07-Sep-23 08:58:52

I would suggest finding a teacher with a physio background to go to in person. My pilates teacher knows my body and what is good for it and what won't be, an online class won't offer you that.

MayBee70 Thu 07-Sep-23 10:13:51

Someone did post a link to online Pilates on here a while back and I’m annoyed with myself for not making a note of it because I need to start doing it myself. Since I stopped going to the gym I’ve lost flexibility.

halfpint1 Thu 07-Sep-23 10:19:40

Have a look at Girl with the Pilates mat' she has videos for all levels .

Redhead56 Thu 07-Sep-23 10:35:23

NHS have video app on chair based Pilates work out it might be worth you looking at it.

TerriBull Thu 07-Sep-23 10:59:03

My go to yoga work-ous are Sovereign Hands Yoga, aimed at over 60s, I like the pace, the instructor's voice and covers most of what I like to do in a yoga routine.

Ffion63 Sun 10-Sep-23 11:13:59

During lockdown I did ‘Pilates with Katya’ on YouTube. I like her. I think she might do yoga ones too.

mernice Sun 10-Sep-23 11:19:17

Look on NHS website for exercises lots of good ideas . Also free on YouTube ‘Girl with the mat’ does lovely Pilates for older people. Also free Adrienne does beautiful yoga classes free all kinds of classes.

Ziplok Sun 10-Sep-23 11:23:19

Although online videos for yoga and Pilates have their place and are useful as a back up, I would suggest that you first of all try to find a teacher with a class you can physically attend. A good teacher will be able to assess you, taking your medical background into consideration, before guiding you to suitable exercises to ensure you are doing the moves and postures correctly and at your level and also correct any moves you might be doing incorrectly which might do more damage than good if done over a period of time.

ayse Sun 10-Sep-23 11:27:13

The NHS has some yoga and Pilates videos.

Fflaurie Sun 10-Sep-23 11:52:51

On you tube there are several on line videos for seated pilates and yoga, there are two particular american ladies who do them, one is Kierstie Page and the other one is Lauren. Both are great and have helped me very much.

GrannyBettie Sun 10-Sep-23 12:34:36

I would second The Girl With the Pilates Mat. She has a couple of senior classes and I alternate between two each day and have found them very helpful.

silvercollie Sun 10-Sep-23 12:48:48

Foxygloves - you and me both!
Money making outfit verging on scam.

Qwerty Sun 10-Sep-23 13:36:58

I agree The Girl With The Pilates Mat on YouTube is great. Classes for all levels including "beginners" and "seniors", they are free and vary in length from 10 to about 40 minutes. She gives very clear instructions and does some videos specifically for particular issues, eg back pain. I generally prefer face to face classes but regularly go back to The Girl with the Pilates Mat because I get into bad habits in terms of technique and she reminds you. Also if you do a live video you can post a specific question afterwards. Good Luck and I hope you get back to fitness soon.

semperfidelis Sun 10-Sep-23 15:25:01

I've found Qigong practice to be very helpful. It's like Tai Chi, but possibly easier. It involves stretching gently in a variety of of directions. A basic version is called The Eight Brocades. The site can be found on Utube and the brand is Yogalily. The teacher speaks soothingly and there's a beautiful lake behind her. There are no awkward floor movements. If I'm struggling with any move I just improvise. You dont have to subscribe.

Alternatively, the U3A has a number of free online courses that you can join. They have their own website. Booking is through Eventbrite, but it is a simple process.

I wish you luck.

4allweknow Sun 10-Sep-23 15:31:43

Would search for a personal trainer who deals with physical ailments/disabilities. You could be given strengthening exercises to eventually enable you go on to pilates. There are lots on-line but personal recommendation would be best. Goidluck.

4allweknow Sun 10-Sep-23 15:32:11

Oops! Good Luck!

grandMattie Sun 10-Sep-23 15:48:57

The WI does zoom courses which cost in the region of £5 per class. Yoga, Pilates, Xi Gung…. They are open to non-members.
Look up “Denman courses” you might find something suitable.
Good luck.

MattDanNana Sun 10-Sep-23 17:58:21

Bottoms Down chair yoga on YouTube is great. Am currently doing the 28 day challenge on there, its brilliant!

Lindy56 Sun 10-Sep-23 18:08:09

Silversurfers website do on line sessions for tai chi, plates and yoga.