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Uro sepsis

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SuzieHi Sun 22-Oct-23 19:02:39

Friends husband has just been in hospital with uro sepsis following a uti which didn’t respond to Drs anti biotics.
He has a catheter until he’s able to get an appointment at the Urology clinic.
( should be 2 weeks). Sepsis now gone & bloods ok so he’s home with continuation of tablet antibiotics.
She’s worried uti may reoccur once anti biotics course is complete. Is this likely?
Any one have any experience of similar who can offer advice?

B9exchange Sun 22-Oct-23 19:06:35

Unfortunately anyone with an indwelling catheter is liable to urinary infections as the catheter provides a route in. Let's hope the antibiotics fix it, but it is quite possible it may recur. Hopefully if the right antibiotics were found this time, he can try those at the first signs.

Angstridden2 Mon 06-Nov-23 22:45:36

My father had sepsis twice when antibiotics course finished before catheters could be removed at the clinic. He was left with permanent issues. In retrospect I would have insisted on a continuous preventative course until appointment for removal.