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Bisoprolol foot and leg cramps

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Mildred22 Fri 03-Nov-23 20:05:56

Has anyone suffered from foot and leg cramps while taking the medication Bisoprolol

HelterSkelter1 Fri 03-Nov-23 20:13:23

My husband had serious cramps on Atorvastatin but not so badly on Rosuvastatin. He also is on Bisoprolol and didnt connect the cramps with that. He also finds his steroid inhaler caused cramps so he takes a lower dose.

But maybe Bisoprolol causes his cramps as well as the statins and steroid. I know when he took Atorvastatin you could see the muscles and tendons in his arms and legs twisting. Dreadful.

midgey Fri 03-Nov-23 21:29:17

Are you sure you are drinking enough?

harrigran Sat 04-Nov-23 10:15:28

I take Bisoprolol and Atorvastatin and have never had leg cramps, no side effects at all

Thoro Sat 04-Nov-23 12:42:41

I used to have cramps in my ankles when I was on no medication.
Following open heart surgery I'm now on Bisoprolol and Atorvastatin and haven't had any cramps at all.

seadragon Sat 04-Nov-23 12:54:10

I am on Bisoprolol and Atorvastatin. Like Helterskelter1's DH, I associated the Atorvastatin with cramps and a trickling sensation in my legs. I started taking Co-Enzyme Q10, having seen it was recommended by some as effective regarding these side effects and have not experienced them since. You can purchase it in packs of '3 for 2' at Boots. Having said that, I'd suggest you consult my GP/Pharmacist about the symptoms first....

Daddima Sat 04-Nov-23 13:08:15


I take Bisoprolol and Atorvastatin and have never had leg cramps, no side effects at all

Same here.

cornergran Sat 04-Nov-23 13:15:22

Same for Mr C. No side effects at all. I would suggest speaking to a doctor or pharmacist to get their advice.

Visgir1 Sat 04-Nov-23 13:18:24

I on them and I'm okay..
Have you read the leaflet enclosed in the pack if its a known Contraindication? If it is the GP should change them for you to another type.

NannyInTheKitchen Sat 04-Nov-23 13:18:43

I suffer from foot and leg cramps from time to time and it can be excruciating sometimes. I am on bisoprolol but another 6 medications as well so it is hard to isolate which (if any) is causing the cramps. Have a word with your doctor or pharmacist, they may suggest a blood test to check the sodium and potassiom levels in your body.

Lexisgranny Sat 04-Nov-23 13:21:34

Another one taking Bisoprolol and Atorvastatin without ill effects,