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Late onset epilepsy

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TerriT Sun 12-Nov-23 07:48:17

My O H has had 2 petimal seizures over last 3 months. CT scan showed nothing unusual. Then 2 weeks ago had two massive fits within one hour and was hospitalised.Has dislocated and fractured shoulder which is to be operated on. In agony till then. Neurologist said it is late onset epilepsy which is common in elderly? Have you had experience of this as very scary?

Shelflife Sun 12-Nov-23 10:24:06

So distressing for you Terri and for your OH. I have no experience of epilepsy so not in a position to advise. It sounds very traumatic - dislocated and fractured shoulder !!!
I can send you both hood wishes and hope someone on GN can give you some reassurance. 💐💐

TerriT Sun 12-Nov-23 11:39:07

I posted this question 4 hours ago and now it is in last day section?

Shelflife Sun 12-Nov-23 12:24:11

Do hope someone can come on here with support for you. I assume your OH is now on appropriate medication? A very frightening time for both of you . Good luck !

Germanshepherdsmum Sun 12-Nov-23 13:08:46

I developed epilepsy at 17 after a severe case of glandular fever. A scan showed nothing abnormal in my brain. After a few years the seizures were completely controlled following juggling with medication dosage, and though I haven’t had a seizure since the late 70s I must take the medication for life. It’s frightening to watch someone have a seizure but the medication available nowadays is excellent. The fact that a scan showed nothing wrong with your husband’s brain is a great comfort I’m sure, and hopefully with the correct medication he will be fine (though won’t be able to drive for some time obviously). Sending best wishes to you both,

ixion Sun 12-Nov-23 13:44:45


I posted this question 4 hours ago and now it is in last day section?

'Last day' means over a period of 24 hours. The most recent one appears at the head of list, moving down a place every time a new post is added, whatever the forum.
After 24 hours is up, they start to drop off the bottom.

JaneJudge Sun 12-Nov-23 13:49:27

seizures are frightening to witness, especially if it something 'new' for that person. I hope you have been able to talk this through with someone yourself as it is quite traumatic. As GSM said, epilepsy can be well controlled with medication smile

annsixty Sun 12-Nov-23 14:55:21

My neighbour had his first occasion when he was in his 50’s.
He had an “absence” of several hours and was taken to hospital as it wasn’t known just what it was.
It was only after tests, brain scans? that it was diagnosed.
He wasn’t allowed to drive for 6 months but as far as I know medication is keeping him ok.
He is now doting on his first GC and I am sure he hopes to be doing so for a long time.
I sincerely hope that things go as well for the OP’s