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Lumpy breast advice please

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Naesodaft Mon 13-Nov-23 13:17:50

Nearly 5 years ago I had a mastectomy followed by a breast reconstruction using fat from my tummy. A few weeks ago I noticed a lump on my reconstructed breast. An ultrasound showed 2 lumps which have become larger over the past couple of weeks. Gp says not cysts or lymphoma and unlikely to be breast cancer as it’s not breast tissue. Currently waiting for an appointment to the breast surgery clinic. Mr google suggests breast fat necrosis. Wondering if anyone else on GN has experienced this and what the outcome was? Thanks in advance x

NotSpaghetti Mon 13-Nov-23 15:40:47

Sorry to hear this.
Hope you are seen soon.

Maybe someone here who knows a bit more will come along shortly...

silverlining48 Mon 13-Nov-23 15:53:26

Try not to worry and remember dr Google always gives worst case scenario.
Hope you don’t have too long a wait and you can be reassured.