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Update on my knee

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Kiwiqueen123 Sat 18-Nov-23 12:11:33

Thought I'd just update in case anyone is interested. I spoke to my GP about pain control as my knee was really really painful and lots of swelling in the leg itself. She prescribed Naproxen, just 12 for six days and also thought it might be a good idea to go to A&E.

Did this yesterday, saw a nurse who arranged xray of the knee and ankle because of the swelling. This came back as ankle fine but there was a small fracture of the fibula bone in the left leg. This has been passed on to the orthopaedic department who will contact me with what should happen next. She didn't feel it needed active treatment, just to continue with rest and ice which I'm doing. I really hope this is the case. The mornings are worse when getting up. Feel as thought I can't put weight on that leg and just hobble to the bathroom.

Naproxen seems to help with the pain but also taking paracetamol too.

Anyone else been in the same boat and any advice to give. It will only be two weeks on Monday since I had the fall and I suppose with most orthopaedic things they take about six weeks.

Whiff Sat 18-Nov-23 12:32:57

Go back to A&E. I know it will be a long wait . If you can't put weight on it without hobbling . As you have a fracture no matter how small it could have moved or fractured more.

Sorry not trying to frightened you but you need to be seen today .