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Covid dragging on

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marshmarigold132 Sun 19-Nov-23 10:47:28

I tested positive for Covid 10 days ago, negative test after 6 days. Didn’t feel too bad to begin with but now I’ve feel as though I’ve got a permanent heavy cold which is not improving.
Just wondered if any others have had the same and how much longer can I expect it to last for.

glammanana Sun 19-Nov-23 11:09:47

I never tested positive the whole time we went through lockdown I was so very careful and so where my fmily who where in my bubble.

Three weeks go I felt very fluey & so tired but a test proved negative,on the Thursday of that week I collapsed and rushed to Hospital where I was retested and found to have Covid & Phuemonia I remember nothing of the following week whilst in Hospital and am now on my 3rd lot of antibotics I feel tired and have a bad cold also my friend has had long Covid (which sounds as though you have) for nearly 12 mths I can only suggest you get loads of rest & sleep.

marshmarigold132 Mon 20-Nov-23 17:10:48

Thanks for your reply. Sounds like something I’ll have to live with for a while.
Sorry to hear about your experience, hope things improve for you soon.

MayBee70 Mon 20-Nov-23 18:23:14

Just a reminder to people that haven’t had a pneumonia vaccine to get it done. You only need to have it done once. It obviously doesn’t cover every pneumonia but it’s better than nothing.

Litterpicker Mon 20-Nov-23 21:11:08

People vary a lot but I found my fatigue and cold symptoms gradually diminished over a month. I had Covid at the beginning of September. Hope you feel better soon.

marshmarigold132 Mon 20-Nov-23 22:11:17

Thanks hope I’m better by Christmas!

M0nica Tue 21-Nov-23 15:28:00

I had COVID last September, before I had fully recovered from a svere bacterial infection. I wasn't very ill during it but felt flat and dragged down until after Christmas.

tanith Tue 21-Nov-23 16:45:08

COVID finally got me a week ago, I’d had a lovely week in Malta with my daughter and 3 days back and bang down I went. I hope the fatigue I’m suffering doesn’t last for too long. First day today of feeling a tiny bit better. I’ve lived on porridge for a week and have no appetite.

PoppyFlower Tue 21-Nov-23 17:42:21

I'm just over a second bout. This one, touch wood, wasn't as bad as the first one, last year but I don't want to speak too soon!

GrandmaKT Tue 21-Nov-23 17:50:28

I think planes are one of the biggest culprits tanith. We went to my son's wedding in New Zealand last year and virtually every guest who came from abroad came down with Covid. Luckily most arrived a few days/weeks early, so were recovered for the wedding.

BlueBelle Tue 21-Nov-23 17:52:39

Like you Poppyred had it twice once, last year just a cold type week and then this autumn after getting back from holiday, again just a cold quite minor It s amazing how different it is treating different people