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Haydnpat Thu 04-Jan-24 03:14:52

Does anyone suffer from neuralgia in the head and neck? I am suffering with a rare type and am at the end of my rope. I don't know where to turn. Feel so alone.

Shelflife Thu 04-Jan-24 11:10:30

Hello Haydnpat,
Never had neuralgia, but understand it is extremely painful. Your post was at 3.14 this morning so I can only assume you have had a very bad night . Just seen your post and wanted to make contact , I do hope you are a little better now ? The early hours of the morning are indeed very lonely when you are in physical and emotional distress. Had I seen your post at 3.14 I would have sent a message. I do hope you are receiving appropriate treatment for you condition, hopefully someone on GN will be able to offer you more help than I can . Thinking about you 💐💐

Haydnpat Thu 04-Jan-24 12:17:13

Thank you so much. Yes I've been awake for most of the night in pain. Nothing seemed to help. It has eased a little at the moment. May sleep the day away😁. I'm grateful for your thoughfulness.

lemsip Thu 04-Jan-24 13:00:57

have you a name for the rare type of neuralgia you have! several types I think.

I take a syndol tablet for my neck and side of head pain

Haydnpat Thu 04-Jan-24 13:22:16

Greater auricular.

Shelflife Thu 04-Jan-24 14:00:53

Just googled it , sounds complex and painful! Do hope you are managing today and able to rest a little. Coping with pain is exhausting, hope you are having appropriate treatment/ care and have someone to talk to.

NanKate Thu 04-Jan-24 14:37:37

When I used to get awful bouts of very painful neuralgia I took tablets with codeine in. You have to be very careful not to take them for more than 3 days.

I found that eating triggered it each morning so you need to get in some healthy drinks and a straw and do not chew.

Now yours is in your neck and head which might need a different treatment.

If things get unbearable I think you can have the nerve causing it cut, but this you will have to discuss with your doctor.

Take things very quietly, rest up and I hope you will start to feel better soon.

My neuralgia came and went.

Finally if I noticed the start of the dreadful pain I stopped everything and rested.

Hope that helps.

Best of luck.

lemsip Sun 07-Jan-24 18:02:27

I have Occipital neuralgia, Electric shock like pain and
Sudden, sharp piercing and throbbing. on side of scalp

Serendipity22 Sun 07-Jan-24 18:42:30

I have a horrible stabbing in 1 side of my face ... it monopolieses my whole mood... had it every single month for over 20 year .... lasting for 3 days so the practicability of it told me it was linked to my periods BUT i am now going through menopause and periods have stopped so !!!! Plus I have MS .... so is it hormonal? Is it the MS? I literally have no idea, so I'm pretty useless to advice you to try A B or C, all I CAN do is sympathise with you and hope upon hope that you manage to find a solution and remedy for this horrendous pain . X

Haydnpat Mon 08-Jan-24 19:03:21

Thank you, hope you feel better soon.

LinAnn52 Wed 20-Mar-24 15:22:23

I have trigeminal neuralgia. It started about two years ago, just electric shock like pains when brushing teeth, but now much worse
. Last year I was mostly pain free but since January when it flared up again, it has increased in intensity so much that I can scarcely eat or talk, and brushing my teeth is almost impossible. The pain is there all the time and medication is having no effect.

bevisp1 Wed 20-Mar-24 15:35:00

I’m not sure if it’s neuralgia that I’ve had but about 2-3 occasions where I’ve had stabbing pains like a knife stabbing me, in different areas of head, latest being over the small bone around my ears.
It lasted about a week each time, and one occasion went to out of hours surgery over a bank holiday. Was prescribed Zapain, it certainly helped but was on these for about a week from start of pain to finish. Since this incident I’ve been told zapain is usually recommended for something else like bone pain, But it did help me. I was finally able to sleep, these tablets are very very strong for 2 days couldn’t do much else. Good luck in finding the suitable one

Imarocker Wed 20-Mar-24 15:51:49

I used to have trigeminal neuralgia and, quite honestly, Iunderstand why people think of committing suicide when they have it. It was the worst pain ever. I never got it after I had children but did get migraines instead. I took tegretol but there must be better stuff available now.All you can do is lie down.

MissAdventure Wed 20-Mar-24 15:55:39

I had a spell of migrainous neuralgia, as it was called then, and it was horrendously painful!
They don't call them the suicide headaches for nothing!