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Restless Leg Syndrome

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Lipstick Tue 19-Mar-24 12:58:38

Haven’t been able to sleep much for the last four nights because of this. Is there anything I can take to stop this awful feeling in my legs. This is a new thing.

pascal30 Tue 19-Mar-24 15:32:08

I've found that keeping my legs warm (ie electric blanket on all night on low) and not eating chocolate helps.

Georgesgran Tue 19-Mar-24 17:04:24

If you scroll back through Health Chat, there’s a thread on RLS with quite a few comments/tips

luvlyjubly Wed 20-Mar-24 09:47:49

Try Rhus tox tablets. They work for me every time. Homeopathic and cheap. I got mine in Amazon.