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Prostate cancer - again

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Pigma Thu 21-Mar-24 17:22:54

I know there was a thread recently on prostate cancer but I have looked back in several topics and can’t find it, Can anybody please point me in the right direction. A member of the family has recently been diagnosed with prostate cancer which is also in a lymph node so I am just wondering if anybody has any knowledge of this and hope there may be some answers in the thread I mentioned. Many thanks.

Farmor15 Thu 21-Mar-24 17:51:40

There have been a few threads here but don't have the specific information you might want. is the best place to look. There are discussion forums and lots of information.

Pigma Thu 21-Mar-24 18:42:23

Very grateful, thank you. Would still like a link to that recent thread if anyone can help. Thank you.

Retread Thu 21-Mar-24 18:52:04

Hi Pigma do you mean this one?

If you do a Google search for "Gransnet Prostate" there are other earlier threads too.

Good luck.

Pigma Thu 21-Mar-24 19:05:22

Yes, that’s the one, thank you so much. I tried searching Prostate on this site with no luck, I know what to do next time!! Many thanks for your help, both, I just remember reading some useful comments on there.

Farmor15 Thu 21-Mar-24 19:49:28

The search function on this site is very poor, but as Retread said, searching using Google with Gransnet as part of topic, works much better!

Aldom Thu 21-Mar-24 21:20:12

In addition to the Gransnet forum, you might find the NHS website on prostate cancer helpful.

Ashcombe Thu 21-Mar-24 21:27:16

This should take you to several posts with information.

Pigma Fri 22-Mar-24 00:00:37

Thank you all so much for your really helpful replies, so kind.