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Inclisiran to lower cholesterol

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Liz46 Tue 26-Mar-24 15:28:59

I can’t take statins because they give me bad pains in my legs. A neighbour tells me that she is having an injection which should reduce the bad cholesterol. Does anyone know about this please?

Bridie22 Tue 26-Mar-24 15:54:54

I would like to know also , as my consultant has just requested my GP to prescribe them, twice a year, however each injection cost £3,000 ! So I'm just waiting .

Primrose53 Tue 26-Mar-24 15:57:32

Never heard of this so will watch with interest.

Liz46 Tue 26-Mar-24 16:14:37

Bridie22, I don’t think that we are going to get them if that is the price!

Bridie22 Tue 26-Mar-24 17:22:44

I suppose we might if they can be classed as cost effective, they are cheap when you see the cost of surgery, care of heart and stroke care, so I'm hopeful as mine is familial and out of my control to bring it down naturally.

OldFrill Tue 26-Mar-24 17:56:24

If you meet the NICE guidelines you should be prescribed it. The guideline is due to be updated this year so maybe it will become available for more people.

Bridie22 Tue 26-Mar-24 19:07:12

Fingers crossed.