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Itchy breast

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Nana56 Wed 27-Mar-24 10:33:38

I have an itchy left breast. No other symptoms. No rash, redness or dumpling. It comes and goes.
Some days don't have it at all but the more I think about it the worse it is.
I am up to date with my mammogram.
All advice welcome
Thanks for reading

MissInterpreted Wed 27-Mar-24 10:36:54

Get it checked out. It may well be nothing to worry about, but it will give you peace of mind.

Smileless2012 Wed 27-Mar-24 10:44:27

I've been experiencing that too Nana and am waiting the results of a routine mammogram but I'm sure it's nothing to worry about.

I'll post again when my results come through flowers.

MiniMoon Wed 27-Mar-24 10:46:56

I get an itchy nipple sometimes. When I look closely it appears very dry. I'm prone to patches of eczema here and there and just treat my nipple with the cream prescribed by my GP.

AGAA4 Wed 27-Mar-24 11:08:50

If it's worrying you speak to your doctor but I don't think itchy breast is a sign of anything serious.

Joseann Wed 27-Mar-24 12:05:02

I have the same itchy feeling. It feels worse with certain bras, but better with the soft ones with no centre lines across if you get what I mean. My nipple is very itchy. I am fair skinned.

Oreo Wed 27-Mar-24 12:09:34

It’s a sensitive body part, scratchy lacy bras aren’t good, so look for soft ones to wear and rub in some unscented body lotion now and then.

Sago Wed 27-Mar-24 13:18:43

Itchy breasts are often a sign of breast cancer, all is explained in the link.

OldFrill Wed 27-Mar-24 16:56:15


Itchy breasts are often a sign of breast cancer, all is explained in the link.

And Cancer UK says it's not usually due to cancer
"Itchiness of the breast is not usually due to cancer. It is more often caused by other conditions that can affect the breast such as eczema or mastitis (inflammation of the breast)."

growstuff Wed 27-Mar-24 17:01:26

I'd try to get a GP appointment, if you can.

Meanwhile, could it just be dry skin? After I had radiotherapy, my breast was so itchy it was driving me bonkers. I used Aveeno cream, which seemed to do the trick.

Nana56 Thu 28-Mar-24 08:59:07

Thanks for all your helpful comments. Think I'm overreaction, as usual!
The itching moves and other side feels tingly.
Post menopausal I think.

NotAGran55 Thu 28-Mar-24 09:33:23

Nana56 please get yourself an appointment with your GP.

Yes, it probably isn’t anything to worry about but it is better to be checked out to be sure.

Mammograms don’t show all conditions unfortunately.

Nana56 Thu 28-Mar-24 11:52:40

Have made Dr appt for after Easter

NotAGran55 Fri 29-Mar-24 06:46:57

Best wishes Nana.

Grammaretto Fri 29-Mar-24 09:44:43

Thinking of itchy skin.
Cotton unwired bras at M&S . Very comfy but quite hard to find in store.
£20 this is not an advert!