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Disappearing rectocele!

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eddiecat78 Fri 29-Mar-24 10:41:39

2 years ago a "large" rectocele was found on a scan. Nothing was done about it at the time but as I have bowel issues I returned to the colorectal surgeon (privately) 3 weeks ago. Examination found it to be "very apparent" and he thought I should consider surgical repair. I went to see a uro-gynaecologist this week (privately) who is the person who would do the repair. He examined via a different orifice (!) and couldn't detect it - certainly nothing sizeable enough to be repaired! He couldn't explain why others had detected it. I'm actually not too bothered having pretty much decided that the risks of surgery outweighed the possible benefits - but it is puzzling!
Any ideas?

lemsip Sat 30-Mar-24 09:18:20

only that a rectocele a prolapse of the rectum through over straining to empty bowels.. It is uncomfortable but not serious. don't know why it would disappear.

Juliet27 Sat 30-Mar-24 09:31:49

The non surgical treatments in this article were interesting

eddiecat78 Sat 30-Mar-24 09:51:08

Thanks. The non-surgical options haven't worked well for me. My issues are complicated as I also have over-tense pelvic floor muscles - which I am working on.
Ladies of our age are constantly reminded to do conventional pelvic floor exercises but few realise it is just as important to learn how to relax the muscles