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Anniebach Sun 04-Oct-20 22:08:22

Hope everyone has found this x

Doodle Sun 04-Oct-20 22:24:50

I’m here Annie . Just checking in before going to bed.
I’m tired tonight so hopefully will sleep.
Hope all the BDG have a good night. x

lavenderzen Sun 04-Oct-20 22:26:27

I'm here too Annie xx

Joce345 Mon 05-Oct-20 00:07:31

Hi lavender good to see you back..
hear Annie x
Hope everyone has a peaceful nights sleep 🌸

teaforone Mon 05-Oct-20 07:38:26

Have followed these messages for a long time looking for confirmation that I am not alone with my Black Dog mind set, but this morning has me wondering how I am going to pass today. I am trying hard to follow Annie’s advice and I know that once I accept life as it is I will feel better. The saying “laugh and the world laughs with you” etc is so true, but now I am in my eighties I’m finding it harder to count my blessings (which are many) so need to find acceptance. Thank you Annie

ChrissyR Mon 05-Oct-20 09:45:40

Morning everyone
BlueSky sorry to didn’t manage a nap, hope you slept well last night
lavenderzen I hate the nights as well, everything seems worse at night
Doodle the weather was awful all weekend, didn’t manage to get out at all. It’s dry here so far this morning so hoping to get out later. Meryl suggested breathing exercises which I’m now doing. It seems to help but I need to get to the point when it’s second nature for me
Annie I’m sure you miss them all a lot. Let’s hope it’s not too long before things are a bit more normal. I understand what you say about acceptance and of course you’re right but it’s hard
Hope everyone has a good day x

ChrissyR Mon 05-Oct-20 09:54:59

Welcome teaforone You’re definitely not alone with those thoughts. Such lovely people here, it’s helped me so much.
Morning Joce Hope you’re doing ok

BlueSky Mon 05-Oct-20 10:28:00

Morning all and welcome Teaforone yes it’s a lovely caring group on here like being with understanding old friends (Well less of the old! grin).
Yes Chrissy I slept well thanks and in my case it makes all the difference. I find I’m the sort of person who needs food, sleep, rest etc at regular times or I don’t feel right, not sure it’s normal even, I’ve been wondering about sugar levels etc but my blood test said it’s OK?
Anyway hope the weather will be brighter and you’ll all have a good day xbrew

Anniebach Mon 05-Oct-20 10:52:55

Hi all x

Welcome teaforone do share your worries , concerns here x

BlueSky try keeping a record of what you eat and your thoughts and feelings, you may find a connection x

May I explain my views on acceptance? didn’t explain well in my post yesterday.

I certainly do not accept everything, the 17 weeks in lockdown
and not seeing anyone had to be accepted, some may remember my constant moaning about no clean bed linen!

My grandchildren moved away following their mother taking her life, I had to accept this, it was their choice, I still miss them , they use to come and go throughout the week.

No way do I mean accepting depression, anxiety etc, I like
Dylan Thomas’s poem ‘Do Not Go Gentle Into That Good Night’, I am not suggesting read it, he is speaking of his father
dying , but the first line for me means ‘don’t give up’

Doodle Mon 05-Oct-20 11:06:36

Morning all. We have some sunshine here for the first time in a few days. The world already looks brighter.
teaforone welcome. I am glad you feel there are many blessings in your life. There are times when it’s hard to feel enthusiasm for anything. Those days we have to try and overlook our thoughts and find things to do that occupy the mind or bring us some pleasure like housework or reading a book (I am not suggesting housework is pleasurable 😊)
Chrissy hope you find the breathing exercises help. It takes a while to learn a new technique.
Bluesky glad you slept well last night. Gives a boost to the day. Have you got any plans for today?
Annie another Black Dog thread. You have helped so many over the years. Your thoughts, your poems, your quotes and your prayers all bring us to think of things in a different way, to have some light in our lives and most of all to have hope.
God bless you for your kindness to others.x

Nonnie Mon 05-Oct-20 12:39:35

B1izzle never too late, welcome.

BlueSky hope your sleep improves, I've heard that a routine is essential.

Doodle friend's baby, not family.

Annie I agree, I coped better until recently but not doing so well now we are back in 'voluntary' lockdown imposed by family because they care.

Lucyyanne that is appalling, how can they run out of vaccine when they know how many they have invited. Can you talk to your GP about it?

Cake is yummy, has figs in it. Dil is enjoying home baking as she usually doesn't have the time. DS proudly made his own Naan bread yesterday so it seems to be a family thing. Just wish I could cook with my GC.

Hi teaforone welcome. Yes, if we could all follow annie's advice on acceptance we would all cope better. So easy to do about some things and so hard for others.

BlueSky glad you slept better, I've always needed a good 8 hours sleep but don't get it nowadays although I am doing better than this time last year, not good but better than it was.

Doodle yes, being occupied, even if you don't enjoy whatever it is, can take our minds away from bad thoughts and we come out feeling we have achieved something. I was listening to a long podcast this morning so I sewed the lovely labels into the throw, turned out my sewing box and knitting bad and filed my nails. My sense of achievement has improved.

Reading all the posts (sorry not named everyone) there is a recurring theme, we are all thoroughly fed up!!! I think mostly we feel the same and I would love to wave a magic wand but I don't have one.

In addition to bringing cake DS went shopping and bought something I wanted but didn't need. We had a short, distant, chat but it was raining. I am very much a proud mum today because he is achieving something wonderful outside of his job and study, sorry I can't give details. My DSs have married lovely women and we have a great relationship with each of them whether nearby or distant, we have lovely GC and wonderful friends and neighbours so my life should be complete. I am simply grateful for all I have and glad that I am significantly mentally improved on where I was. I pray that you will all improve to some degree too.

Joce345 Mon 05-Oct-20 12:57:39

Hello all..
sun is shining hear today always lifts me...
welcome teaforone
Chrissy thank you how are you doing today,
I’m feeling better than I was...
have a good day all..

BlueSky Mon 05-Oct-20 13:07:06

Nonnie I’m sorry you are “back on ‘voluntary’ lockdown imposed by family because they care”. Hope you don’t mind me saying but shouldn’t you make your own mind up on this? I know they mean well but even then leaves me uneasy. Anyway let’s hope any local lockdowns won’t last long this time.

Anniebach Mon 05-Oct-20 13:22:44

I told mini tornado we must wait until lockdown in her area is
lifted , sorted ? No

Just received a message informing me she has checked and she
is allowed to come here , essential travel !

Anniebach Mon 05-Oct-20 14:09:35

Remember Emily Dickinson

“Hope is the thing with feathers that perches in the soul – and sings the tunes without the words – and never stops at all.”

lavenderzen Mon 05-Oct-20 14:12:47

Annie isn't your mini tornado lovely xx

Anniebach Mon 05-Oct-20 14:21:57

Yes lavender I would like to share this -

She was an unplanned pregnancy but wanted , when my darling daughter told me ‘Mum I am pregnant ‘ I said
‘ meant to be, I am sure he/she will be very special ‘ .

Joce345 Mon 05-Oct-20 16:07:00

Nonnie it’s so good to hear such good positive new..

Joce345 Mon 05-Oct-20 16:10:07

Annie I’m so pleased your MT can still come to see you... she is one very special person.. she certainly love her Grandmother...

Scaredycat Mon 05-Oct-20 16:17:44

Hello teaforone good to meet you.
Chrissy hope you managed to get out for a walk. We,ve just got back from ours and the sun was shining again!!
Bluesky glad you had a good sleep. It’s so nice if you can make it to 6 o’clock isn,t it and not 4!,
Hi Annie- you speak such wise words thank you for being there for us. It’s wonderful you will be able to see your mini tornado - you so deserve something good. You were right she is special.
Doodle happy you have the sunshine too what a difference it makes to the day .
Nonnie - ooh figgy cake- does that count as one of your 5 a day! It’s such a nice thing that they both enjoy cooking. Yes I think we are all feeling similar at the moment but good to hear you are feeling much better than you were.
Joce glad you feel better too.
Take care everyone - love to all

lavenderzen Mon 05-Oct-20 19:54:16

Early night for me, didn't sleep well last night, worrying that I may wake up at 3 a.m. with all that pain in my hands again - consequently hardly slept at all - how ridiculous is that!
The weather has been dreadful here, never stopped raining all day doesn't help at all.
Hope you all have a peaceful evening and a good night's sleep. Take care, stay safe and lets keep on plodding on. Love to all xx

ChrissyR Mon 05-Oct-20 20:00:57

Evening everyone
BlueSky I know what you mean, regular times to sleep, eat etc is good especially when our thoughts are all over the place.
Annie Sorry that I misinterpreted what you wrote about acceptance, I often misunderstand things online. So your mini tornado is going to be visiting, you must be really happy. You told your daughter that the baby would be special and you couldn’t have been more right smile
Nonnie Sounds like you’ve achieved a lot today. I understand your words about being a proud mum. I have 2 daughters and 1 GD who I’m very proud of.
Joce I’m glad that you’re feeling better today.
Scaredycat Yes been for a walk along the seafront, it was lovely and sunny
So I had a telephone consultation with my Psychiatrist today. I told him that my anxiety is worse than the last time I spoke to him (especially health anxiety) and I’m also more depressed. I spent about 4 months trying to get off Venlafaxine, if I did it too quickly I was having terrible withdrawal symptoms. He has upped the medication I take at night and will have to see how it goes, it may make me very sleepy the next day which isn’t acceptable so will have to see how it goes. Hopefully all will be ok.
Have a nice evening everyone and sleep well x

ChrissyR Mon 05-Oct-20 20:02:12

lavenderzen I hope you have a good night’s sleep tonight x

Doodle Mon 05-Oct-20 20:21:58

Nonnie Ah. Friend’s knitting required 😀
Please can I send my sewing box (es) to you to sort out for me. I have so much thread and other craft things. It’s all tangled up together.
Nice to be a proud mum isn’t it. I’m pleased your son is doing well in whatever he is trying to accomplish.
So nice to hear you in a better frame of mind. 😊
Joce glad you are feeling better. Hope the neighbours aren’t playing up.
Bluesky how have you been today.
Annie your mini tornado has a mind of her own. I am sure you are essential travel. 😊 she is indeed very special.
Scaredycat glad you got out for a walk in the sun today. We went for a walk too but it drizzled most of the time. It’s resulted in a very fetching frizzy hairdo for me 😀
lavender is this pain you are having a result of your flu jab?
Hope tonight is a better one for you.
Chrissy glad you had a nice walk. Living close to the sea must be a real boon. A doctor once told my GP it can take a couple of weeks for your body to adjust to medication so if your new regime makes you feel tired in the morning, give it a few days to see if it wears off,
Hope everyone sleeps well. x

BlueSky Mon 05-Oct-20 20:57:33

Annie so pleased your Mini Tornado (love the name!) can still visit, that’ll make all the difference for you.
Most of us have managed a walk today, I’m a great believer in the power of walking in the fresh air, clearing one’s head, sadly not everybody is able to do this and I really feel for you. That why when shielding was strongly advised for many I felt it was perhaps unnecessary harsh. Provided you could walk in or drive to a quiet area I can’t see the problem.
Good night all sleep well x brew