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vaccinations = one in each arm

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Franbern Sun 25-Sep-22 08:59:51

Seems that this year many people are being offered both the annual 'flu jab and the upgraded covid booster at the same time, one in each arm.

Had mine yesterday = amongst many more over-80's at our GP surgery.

So, today the arm with the covid one is slightly sore and achy, other arm is fine. I feel fine in myself.. Was advised hat this Moderna shot has been upgraded to cover the new variants.

One of my daughters tells me that covid is flying around the newly returned schools, so feel pleased that I am covered.

There people there who were opting only to have their 'flu jab, and some opting only for the covid one. Glad I had both.

Anyone else on GN who have had this double shot?

Septimia Sun 25-Sep-22 09:02:05

No, but had shingles vaccination in one arm last year and pneumonia in the other. Some soreness, but nothing worse. It seems a good way to get the vaccinations out of the way without having to make two trips and reduce appointment availability for other people.

Yammy Sun 25-Sep-22 09:08:38

Ours is in two weeks' time, so thanks for saying you have not had any bad side effects. We had to cancel the Shingles as DH was ill so we are on a waiting list for that. DD has had shingles she was really poorly so I really want that one even if I am off colour for a few days.

Franbern Sun 25-Sep-22 09:10:50

Yammy, when I had my shingles shot, it had no after-effect whatsoever.

muse Sun 25-Sep-22 09:37:33

We had our shingles one yesterday. DH had the pneumonia one too. He had one sore arm last night but didn’t know which vaccine he had in that one. We’re both fine this morning.

We were asked if we were having any other vaccines soon. Our flu and covid one is in three weeks. That’s OK. Any less we would have had to have changed the date.

We’ve had both vaccinations at the same time for 2 years now. Always mid October. Flu one starts to wear off a lot after 3 months. No really bad after effects for either of us. I tend to feel a bit groggy for 48 hrs.

Aveline Sun 25-Sep-22 09:41:15

One in each arm for me and DH. All fine. Glad to have them. It all seems to be much better organised this year.

luluaugust Sun 25-Sep-22 09:44:11

We had our flu and Covid shots yesterday. I had mine in the same arm. A lot of pain (muscular) last night but calming down today. We had the shingles shot years ago with no problems.

MiniMoon Sun 25-Sep-22 09:57:41

I had both in the same arm on Tuesday. Soreness in the injection site had gone, but I have a pulling sensation on the underside of my arm when I reach for things. I had this last time with the covid booster too.

Sparklefizz Sun 25-Sep-22 10:07:31

I wanted to split my vaccinations so had the Covid Moderna booster last Tuesday and have got the 'Flu jab in 2 days' time.

I'm glad I separated them as I felt fine after the Moderna for 2 days and then had a reaction and felt pretty bad for 2 days.

I still need to have the Shingles and Pneumonia jabs at some point.

Auntieflo Sun 25-Sep-22 10:13:31

DH and I both had the Covid and Flu jabs yesterday morning.
I was fine until about 9 pm, then suddenly felt achey and a bit fluey.
I had to have one of the jabs in my thigh as I have had surgery and lymph nodes removed. My leg feels fine, but I still feel " one degree under".

henetha Sun 25-Sep-22 10:19:59

Both of mine in the left arm, but two weeks apart. No ill effects so far from either.

Daisymae Sun 25-Sep-22 10:20:06

Having Covid booster in Friday. TBH I'm having my doubts about the boosters, but I know that rates are going up so going with it for now.

glammanana Sun 25-Sep-22 10:20:15

A couple of years ago I had Pneumonia 7 flu jab on the same day and it really knocked me out for over a week I would never have two at once again,but it just depends on the person and how your reaction is to the vaccine I am due my flu vaccine next week but have not been called for next Covid jab as yet it will be soon though thank goodness as there is a large breakout in my area at the moment,back to face masks for me .

MayBee70 Sun 25-Sep-22 10:28:28

I wanted to have flu and covid at different times but when I turned up for my flu jab they offered me the covid one too so I had them both and feel absolutely fine. Having pretty much cut myself off from the world for over two years now I’ve had both jabs ( and will be having an extra pneumonia jab soon) I think now is the right time to start opening up my life more as I can’t continue living like this. Whenever I’ve resolved to do this in the past something has held me back: a new variant appearing etc.

maddyone Sun 25-Sep-22 10:35:32

We had the flu vaccination yesterday. Husband is absolutely fine, I have a bruise and a sore and slightly swollen arm, and I feel a bit off colour.
We’ve been called for the Covid vaccination but prefer to wait till a bit later as we’re going to New Zealand late November and want well topped up immunity for the long flight.

Grandyma Sun 25-Sep-22 11:11:21

I had flu jab in one arm & Moderna vaccine in the other a week ago. No ill effects other than both arms being a bit sore.

Shelflife Sun 25-Sep-22 11:15:09

I had the Covid booster in my left arm two weeks ago. Went for the flu jabs yesterday, presented my favoured left arm and was told she couldn't vaccinate in same arm as I had the Covid booster in! I explained I really would prefer the flu jabs in my left arm , it was to no avail,! So right arm it was . Felt fine after Covid one and on top form today.

Urmstongran Sun 25-Sep-22 11:16:06

I go to my GP surgery next Saturday for my ‘one in each arm’ shots.

yogitree Sun 25-Sep-22 11:27:34

Yes, posted yesterday. DH and myself had 2 shots on Wednesday. I had flu in my left and Moderna/Omicron in my right. My right arm has been terribly sore and a bit swollen too until today (Sunday). No other major symptoms. DH had both in his left with no symptoms.

Hymnbook Sun 25-Sep-22 11:30:42

I had covid jab Wednesday and as happened before l am feeling unwell it was done at the local pharmacy. My gp surgery has a flu jab clinic arranged on the 8th of October.

NurseRuth Sun 25-Sep-22 11:38:02

I’m an RGN and as an add on to my normal role, I vaccinate staff at our Hospital. Optional, and some choose both , some choose one then the other later. I had both as I only get minor side effects for 12 hours. I’d rather be protected and suffer annoying side effects than end up in ICU . Xxx

NurseRuth Sun 25-Sep-22 11:41:11

I vaccinate as an extra role as RGN . We only now Vaccinate our Hospital Staff. Some have both, some separate. I had both as I know I only have side effects from Covid. Worth it to avoid ICU .

Davida1968 Sun 25-Sep-22 11:47:45

Going next weekend for the double shots. We feel privileged to have this; so many people in the world don't have this opportunity- or any healthcare at all.

Luckygirl3 Sun 25-Sep-22 12:31:31

Both in left arm yesterday. Wanted to be sure my "stick arm" (right) was functional.

Blossoming Sun 25-Sep-22 12:53:31

I’m booked in for mine next Saturday. Like you Luckygirl13 I only have vaccinations in my left arm, for the same reason.