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travelsafar Fri 22-Oct-21 14:07:25

I recently had spare bedroom, replastered, painted and papered, new carpets and curtains, and new bedding and bed spread. Now when i open the door to go in there i am greeted by a peculiar smell. My sister says its not unpleasant but i feel it smells musty. When window open it goes but now as colder only open for a short while each day.I have tried shake and vac on the carpets which masked the smell for a couple of days now it is back!!! Anyone else had this sort of issue?

JaneJudge Sun 24-Oct-21 14:38:36

new plaster always smells a bit fishy imo for a while

Maddison Tue 26-Oct-21 20:28:51

We have a smell n our recently revamped bedroom and found out it's the new underlay

travelsafar Sat 30-Oct-21 12:45:07

Hurrah i think it has finally gone!!! Went in to the room this morning to retrieve a bag of gifts for my sister's birthday tomorrow and i couldnt smell what ever it was. So hoping the advise about opening window, shutting door and putting the heating on has solved the issue. Actually have only had heating on twice so am wondering if the issue was the new radiator, Guess i will never know but reieved it has disappeared, hopefully for good. smile