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How to remove moss on lt

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jeanie99 Fri 01-Dec-23 08:28:52

Hi everyone I just wanted to know,
Is it difficult removing moss from a roof.
We seem to have so much moss all over the roof and I am told this can damage the roof.
Our neighbours on the other hand don't appear to have the same problem strangely.
We live in a bungalow and are in our late 70s, hubby said he could get onto the roof and shovel it off. He thinks he's 25 yr old I think and there is no way I am having him attempting this.
With the property being a bungalow there is a huge amount of roof.
I read you can purchase different types of rake and brushes with extensions which do the job.
I'm just wanting to know if anyone as done this type of maintenance successfully and could they give us some idea how to go about it.
I have been informed that to get a professional company in could cost into the thousands.

silverlining48 Fri 01-Dec-23 08:36:17

My advice is seek advice from Google and local companies who do this sort of work and do not climb around your roof.

Parsley3 Fri 01-Dec-23 08:41:28

Don't do this on your own. Get a quote from a professional and then you will know how much it really costs.

Joseann Fri 01-Dec-23 08:45:00

There's a lot of info here from some of us who did it.

lixy Fri 01-Dec-23 08:51:00

Our window cleaners did this for us a couple of years ago. We have a bungalow, also with a lot of roof!

They had a special hose and had to climb on to the roof. They disconnected the downpipes from the guttering so the moss didn't clog up the rainwater system. There was a huge amount of moss which we piled up in a big heap to rot down. It will be distributed around the garden next year.

They applied a chemical solution to the clean roof to inhibit the regrowth of the moss. So far that seems fine even though a lot of our roof is North facing.

The whole operation took two days and cost £700.

Parsley3 Fri 01-Dec-23 09:21:45

I had the chemical solution applied to my roof after moss cleaning several years ago and it is still effective.

M0nica Fri 01-Dec-23 16:44:29

We did the same as Parsley3 and have also found it very effective.

AskAlice Fri 01-Dec-23 18:42:28

We had this done 2 years ago by the guys that landscaped our garden previously. It was a new venture for them but they did a marvellous job (took several hours on the hottest day of the year) and it cost £1400. They also re-pointed around the chimney for us at no extra cost! Well worth the money.

I'd try local companies (ask around for recommendations) and definitely don't try clambering about on the roof yourselves.

Gwyllt Fri 01-Dec-23 19:10:34

Try spraying with a product called wet and forget. At first does not seem to do anything then it gradually disappears. Works well on walls paths etc but not tried roofs Look it up first Might keep it off if removed professionally

AreWeThereYet Fri 01-Dec-23 20:32:16

Gwyllt We've used Wet and Forget on our patio and paths and it works fine for some moss. The moss down our side path is that really thick moss, and it doesn't seem to work on that so I am not convinced it will work on the roof. We use soda crystals down the path and that clears it, but I'm not sure what it would do to any plants nearby.

jeanie99 Fri 01-Dec-23 20:45:16

Thank you everyone for your comments and suggestions I very much appreciate it.
I will talk to a local company about the costs for this work in the spring. It's clearly not the sort of weather for anyone to be walking on the roof at the moment.
Thank you all.