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For easier duvet cover changing, I’ve just ordered some of these.

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Witzend Thu 07-Jul-22 14:07:12

Mega-clothes pegs.

I usually get dh to help me, but he’s away and after changing both a king size and a super-king by myself the other day, I thought of these - more usually seen on the beach, to stop towels blowing away.

I know there’s supposed to be an easy way but I tried it and found it just as much of a faff. Our method is to stuff the bottom corners of the duvet into the bottom cover corners - and hope they stay there while you do the top two - button up and a good shake.
But it should be easier with these - she said hopefully.

Skydancer Thu 07-Jul-22 14:11:52

Oh they look good. I will look out for some.

kittylester Thu 07-Jul-22 14:13:41

Let me know how you get on.

I do the bottom corners like you but it's not always successful.

I can't cope with the California roll thing either.

I would willingly pay a person who came in, changed the bed, took it away, washed and ironed it and then repeated regularly.

Stephanie48 Thu 07-Jul-22 14:16:01

I turn the (king size) duvet cover inside out, reach into it and grab the corner and the corners of the duvet and shake it the right way.

HowVeryDareYou Thu 07-Jul-22 14:23:07

Stephanie48 Me too. I saw Kim and Aggie do that, on How Clean Is Your House?

dragonfly46 Thu 07-Jul-22 14:24:21

I do the same Stephanie it is how the Dutch do it - after hanging their duvets out the windows to air!

Oopsadaisy1 Thu 07-Jul-22 14:28:50

MrOops once declared that if he helped me to change the duvet covers life would be easier.

It wasn’t.

I don’t let him anywhere near when I’m changing duvet covers anymore.

Nandalot Thu 07-Jul-22 14:33:33

If I am changing a cover on my own I just use normal clothes pegs!

MiniMoon Thu 07-Jul-22 14:50:21

I've never thought of using clothes pegs. What agood idea.
I usually do the inside out and shake it all about way.

MissAdventure Thu 07-Jul-22 14:54:08

They don't seem to respond to shaking here.
I usually have to give up and lie on the bed.
It takes me at least all day of waving my arms around like a demented windmill.

silverlining48 Thu 07-Jul-22 16:45:48

I bought these giant pegs and they work well, but any pegs shoukd do unless you have a very thick duvet.

Shandy57 Thu 07-Jul-22 16:52:27

My aunt is 85 and very small, and since being widowed has got a single bed. I've bought her Belledorm duvet covers with 'hand holes' so she can hold the duvet in place whilst shaking it. She hasn't opened them yet, probably never will!

annodomini Thu 07-Jul-22 17:04:51

I'm due to change mine tomorrow, so will try the clothes peg tip. I usually take mine on to the banister on the landing and shake it out over the stairs.

Cabbie21 Thu 07-Jul-22 17:25:38

We have two single duvets on our bed, much easier, but hard enough.
Or you could use a top sheet with a duvet, and change the duvet cover less often.

Witzend Thu 07-Jul-22 17:28:17


I do the same Stephanie it is how the Dutch do it - after hanging their duvets out the windows to air!

You’d need to be home all the time, wouldn’t you, in case it started to rain!

Allyoops Thu 07-Jul-22 17:39:09

Some great ideas here - I bought these quilt clips last year but keep forgetting to use them. They have good reviews so maybe I'll give them a try!

merlotgran Thu 07-Jul-22 18:42:42


If I am changing a cover on my own I just use normal clothes pegs!

Same here.

Floradora9 Thu 07-Jul-22 21:04:00

I bought the same things in Lanzarote . They were to keep you pool towel fixed to the top of your sunbed and they were everywhere . My husband refused to let me use them there but I discovered their use at home while changing the duvet.

MissAdventure Thu 07-Jul-22 21:33:53

Do the clips make it easier to get the lumpy bits out of the quilt, please?

CanadianGran Thu 07-Jul-22 21:43:30

The last duvet I bought has little ties, as does the cover. Bliss!

Yammy Thu 07-Jul-22 21:49:04


If I am changing a cover on my own I just use normal clothes pegs!

So do I no need to buy anything special as long as they have a good grip.

Peaseblossom Fri 08-Jul-22 11:38:41

I detest changing quilt covers. I rarely wash/change mine as I use a top sheet, which makes the duvet more like an eiderdown/old fashioned type quilt. I'm only 5ft 1in which doesn't help when trying to change it!

On a slightly different note, years ago I used to machine tape onto the inside corners of the duvet cover and the corners of the duvet. Turn cover inside out, tie tapes together, turn cover right way out, tie bottom tapes together. Stops the duvet moving around inside the cover. Having said that, I only ever did it once and no longer have the same duvets or duvet covers! But it did help. I got that tip from a Katy Boyle article in some magazine or other decades ago!

SillyNanny321 Fri 08-Jul-22 11:38:47

Been using clothes pegs for years now when I cant get my son to come over just to do it. He still can do a better job than me & my clothes pegs though!

Danma Fri 08-Jul-22 11:41:57

I have some of these. Coverless duvets. They are so light and easy to wash. Pop them in the washing machine on a morning and they’re dry by evening


grandtanteJE65 Fri 08-Jul-22 11:52:53

To me the top of the cover is the end without buttons, so I start by inserting the top corners of the duvet in the top of the cover, turned right-side out, which was the way we always used to do it in Denmark.

The younger members of the community think outside in is easier - I have tried it and found it even more difficult and it offends my sense of good housekeeping to put anything away outside in!

I can no longer shake a duvet and its cover without hurting my shoulders, so after the top corners are in place I put the whole caboodle across the bed and work the lower corners into place in the cover, taking care that the lenght-wise edges of the duvet don't roll in but are against the edges of the cover.

If DH hadn't been born and bred in Denmark, where top sheets are not used, I would long since have reverted to top sheets and only changing the duvet covers once a month or so.