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Green duvet cover

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GagaJo Wed 28-Sep-22 21:58:36

I've been on the hunt for a duvet cover. Started in physical shops (found one I vaguely liked-ish in M&S) and then went online.

I've looked at hundreds. Literally. Finally found one I liked. £240. ???? I'm happy to pay quite a bit (I almost never buy myself anything) but I balk at that price.

Mollygo Wed 28-Sep-22 23:11:28

I’m not surprised you’d balk at that price. Is it pure silk? Or some special fabric?

Georgesgran Wed 28-Sep-22 23:12:29

Might it be reduced to a more reasonable price in the January sales?

LOUISA1523 Wed 28-Sep-22 23:15:45

What green? I have a green one from argos ( its a habitat one ) £24 for a king-size

Blossoming Wed 28-Sep-22 23:20:45

I got my latest one from John Lewis and didn’t pay anywhere near that much!

GagaJo Wed 28-Sep-22 23:21:45

It's linen. Not that I knew that when I found it. I just liked it and checked the price/info afterwards.

I don't really have a preference Louisa1523, although I think I'm leaning towards not too dark.

henetha Wed 28-Sep-22 23:41:32

Is it gold plated or something?
Seems too expensive to me. ?

Rosie51 Wed 28-Sep-22 23:43:58

Are you wanting a patterned/print duvet cover? If plain is acceptable could you consider buying a white cotton or linen mix one and machine dying it to the colour you want?

Kim19 Thu 29-Sep-22 04:42:43

Does linen not tend to crease a lot?

MawtheMerrier Thu 29-Sep-22 06:19:11

Don’t know where you’re looking but. 5 mutes on Google brought up these

mrsjonesy Thu 29-Sep-22 06:30:05

Dunelm have lots of green duvet covers. If there's no store nearby they also do online orders.

absent Thu 29-Sep-22 06:39:47

Linen is lovely.

Lucca Thu 29-Sep-22 06:47:01

Try the secret linen store online they have some green ones

Ashcombe Thu 29-Sep-22 06:47:26

Here’s a link to green duvet covers at Dunelm:-

nanna8 Thu 29-Sep-22 06:47:52

I’d want a new bed as well at that price !

LOUISA1523 Thu 29-Sep-22 07:40:22

Try H andM bedding as well

Chardy Thu 29-Sep-22 07:40:30

I once bought an inexpensive duvet cover from a shop mentioned. It was the most beautiful colour and I made curtains to match. It faded so badly when washed that I wrote to the company. 'False economy' does not begin to describe my experience

Sago Thu 29-Sep-22 08:30:11

Do you mean green as in eco or the colour?

I only ever buy white/cream cotton bedlinen so it can be washed at higher temperatures, I then use throws/bedspreads for colour.

NotSpaghetti Thu 29-Sep-22 08:33:12

NotSpaghetti Thu 29-Sep-22 08:35:43

Are you looking for a particular colour green?
Dunelm, Terry's, Argos all have a choice of green ones

NotSpaghetti Thu 29-Sep-22 08:38:52

These all come in green and are organic cotton

Oopsadaisy1 Thu 29-Sep-22 08:40:47

Gagajo The Secret Linen Store has a sale on at the moment , you might find a light green set on there.

Witzend Thu 29-Sep-22 08:46:02

We have a light green one, pure cotton, can’t remember whether it was JL or M&S.

toscalily Thu 29-Sep-22 09:51:51

That does seem expensive even if good quality and linen does crease so easily.

Although I iron my quilt covers as I like them to look neat when put on the bed linen is hard work compared to other fabrics so now I prefer those that are easy iron.

Esmay Thu 29-Sep-22 10:29:13

Hi Gagajo ,

I also love linen and green is my all time favourite colour - for clothes , as well !

If you've looked at hundreds and set your heart on an expensive linen one -
I understand !

I used to buy expensive white or cream Egyptian cotton bedlinen - now I look in charity shops and have bought some amazing bargains -some in their original packaging .

Maybe wait until sale time , but if you really love it ....

One thing at that price it must be pure linen and not the fake stuff and will last you forever .

When I change bedlinen - I iron duvet covers in situ on top of the bed - so much easier than on an ironing board .

Good luck in your final choice .