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annsixty Thu 16-Mar-23 12:42:21

This morning’s post brought the expected letter about the increase in council tax!
Up £11 a month.
Tuesday came the SKY subscription, up £7:=550 a month.
Last month it was the water bill, water meter, up over £8 a month.
Gas service insurance, a necessary expense for me, up £5 a month.
Fortunately my gas and electricity is staying the same for the present.
It goes without saying that Sainsbury’s weekly delivery goes up every couple of weeks.
So we on state pension are getting a decent rise next month but it is very much needed and will soon be swallowed up.

Teacheranne Tue 21-Mar-23 01:50:53

I have my broadband, phone and TV ( basic package, no extra Chanel’s) from virgin and finally got round to negotiating with them today. I wanted to stick with virgin as I can’t have a dish on my low lying bungalow and BT does not offer a good coverage in my area. I don’t really need to tv package, I do like to record programmes but was considering downgrading just to broadband.

So I armed myself with lots of research on prices for new customers with all the main providers and got through to a very helpful chap - no wait either! I said I could not afford the increase from £57 to £73 from April and objected to paying more as an existing customer than a new one. I asked for a comparison price for just broadband.

I was very pleasant, not stroppy or demanding and it seemed to work, he even complimented me on my politeness! Eventually after several offers, I got a price equal to what new customers get, £52 a month, with an enhanced tv package, a new improved box and free phone calls! That is lower than BT and Talk Talk were quoting so I was very happy. The price is fixed for 18 months so I won’t have to negotiate again for a while.

It annoys me that we have to do this, it’s ridiculous that existing customers don’t get decent deals without going through this performance.

I am fortunate in that I have a decent teachers pension and was also able to make provision for my retirement in my last 15 years of work when I downsized after my children all flew the nest. I was divorced many years ago and knew that it was up to me to plan for my retirement. Looking back, I’m so glad that I only took a few years as a careers break when my children were young and was able to focus on advancing my careers once I went back to work.

My health is not great but I’m grateful for what I have and try to help others less fortunate, I’m currently volunteering at two different Warm Places three days a week, I run a board games group at one of them and am teaching some ladies to crochet at another - and keeping warm at the same time!

bikergran Tue 21-Mar-23 08:41:10

My dad lives in sheltered accomodation, his rent/service charge has gone up £40 a week! yes thats a week!

PamelaJ1 Tue 21-Mar-23 08:49:19



One of my DH’s loves is his daily newspaper but we have been away for 2months so I changed our subscription to online only.
He is becoming used to reading it this way and, although I agree with him that it’s not quite the same, I think we may stick with it and save about £70/month.

If you are a member of your local library, you can read all newspapers for free every day using the Pressreader app. You just log in using your library card number. Your favourite magazines are available too. Saves a fortune.

The trouble with that is the papers have to make some money to survive. If we all start getting it free won’t they go out of business?
I don’t want them to do that.

MadeInYorkshire Tue 21-Mar-23 13:40:08

Thanks all of you that responded and sent love, it does help. It really is a sorry mess ....

I emailed my MP, and Adult Social Care in October/December/January/February - they have both basically ignored me! I need some extra hours to get my house in order. The money is there in my Direct Payment Account, I am NOT asking for more, just permission to spend what is already there. They are more interested in clawing it back. SS are no longer caring individuals, they are bean counters for the Local Authority ... I even went down the complaint route in February, they have got rather clever with that too. You can now fill in an online form (which doesn't work) or email the Complaints Team with your complaint. They send back an emails saying they have sent it to the relevant department! Said relevant dept then email to say 'you are due a reassessment with our NEW ongoing Support Team' (probably meaning that they will review and reduce the support you need, as they did last time.

*Bikergran - it's awful the Service Charges they apply. My Mums has gone up just over £1,000 a year. It's a nice place, in a nice village, BUT they want to dig up the whole garden just because it is on their 10 year plan or whatever - it's beautiful! Lovely mature plants, well designed, a large pond etc .... yes, the pond wants a new pump, a a gazebo with some shade would be welcomed if it's going to be as hot as it was last year, that's all, BUT NO, they are going to dig it all up and change it! The residents would far rather have their charges reduced instead, especially when their is just no need for it!

MerylStreep Tue 21-Mar-23 14:04:06

I have put this up before but it’s worth repeating.
If you are on pension credit you can get your service charge and ground rent paid.
I sorted it for a friend some years ago.

Sandytoes Sun 26-Mar-23 20:22:48

We are just about managing but its tight . We retired over a year ago on savings and a small private pension and allocated ourselves a monthly amount to live on . It was a fairly frugal budget at the time but we have had to cut back a bit further and are having a short UK break this year rather than longer holiday . Any extras are only possible as I am doing a few hours agency work each month . We still consider ourselves very fortunate to be able to have " retired " early and are happy spending our time doing very low cost hobbies .

mabon1 Sun 26-Mar-23 20:30:41

we are all in the same boat