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Buy now pay later advice please

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NanaTuesday Sun 01-Oct-23 22:26:19

Has anyone else experienced this particular issue ?
I am not an advocate of bnpl , however in Jan 2021 I purchased a coat via this method at a cost of £149 .
At the time I believe the country was in lockdown & this was a way to cheer my daily walks .
Fast forward to today 1/10/23 & I have discovered that the balance on the account is ……..
As you can imagine I am feeling quite ill about this !
Yes, I was aware of a small amount being taken via a DD monthly this I presumed was my DH account , so didn’t question it , until now .
The Coat that originally cost £149 has cost me an untold amount which is incredibly insane and inflating daily .
So , how did this happen ? I have already said I thought it was DH’s account .
Stupidly ,
in the Summer of 2020 we had a house flood , resulting in us having to find alternative accommodation put our belongings in storage and deal with all manner of house renovations/ refurbishment/ drying out etc. we moved out in Oct 2020 moved back in April 2021.
Then in July 2021 another houseflood ( I can see you thinking 🙈) these were due to one of those heavy rainfalls that happen over a short time frame unfortunately this one was worse with the same outcome of moving etc etc . We finally moved back in March 22.
Having said all of this you can understand that my mind wasn’t exactly focused on a small amount coming out of my bank monthly or of making the payment in full .
So here we are and I do not know what to do . On the one hand pay the amount because it’s needing to be paid on the other “ how can they get away with this “ interest is being charged daily so in effect you are paying interest on interest & my coat to date including the amount outstanding today has cost in excesss of £600 !!!!!!!!!! !!!
Oh and as an added extra yes there were emails sent which didn’t arrive in my inbox as I failed to press whatever I should of when I received the first email - which ironically I didn’t receive they all went to a spam box !!
Also due to the house moving scenario mail was also sent to the temporary address & any further mail ( if any for this company) was also sent there ! To receive the goods I had changed my address online & not changed it back until yesterday , when I found out I was still paying .
Advice required please

Germanshepherdsmum Wed 04-Oct-23 10:06:29

Good post Caravansera. This is a salutary lesson about the cost of buying on credit through a store account, unless payment is made in full before interest kicks in, and also about the importance of checking your spam box when you check your inbox. The computer cannot be relied upon to know what is and isn’t spam. Emails from some perfectly legitimate companies, and even people I correspond with, regularly go into the spam box for no discernible reason.

karmalady Wed 04-Oct-23 10:44:24

OP has fingers in ears, does not want to face truth and is singing. Much very good advice on this thread and a salutary lesson for readers as well as OP. Pay off and draw that line across to get on with life

NotSpaghetti Wed 04-Oct-23 11:00:37

I think that's unfair karmalady - she is in contact with the company and said she'd come back to update.

She expects she will probably have to just "suck it up".

NotSpaghetti Wed 04-Oct-23 11:02:31

BTW she has already paid up.

karmalady Wed 04-Oct-23 11:23:14

oh that is good but I stand by what I said, she did not want to hear the good advice given early on by GSD and others.

Caravansera Wed 04-Oct-23 11:44:22

Thanks, GSM. I think I can answer the question about why some messages are treated as spam.

Email systems have intelligent systems built into them that try to learn from an account holder’s behaviour. We can set our own rules for what we want to see and what we don’t but the system does sometimes set up its own rules.

If you have a bulk clear out of emails from a particulary sender, it will recognise this and may assume that you don’t want to see anything further from that sender.

For example, order something from Amazon and you will receive an email confirmation of the order, an email when the order has been dispatched and an email when the order has been delivered. All this is recorded in the customer’s Amazon account so the emails can be deleted but if you are a frequent customer and don’t keep on top of this, the number of emails can build up.

The account holder then decides to do some housekeeping and does a bulk delete of every email from Amazon. The system recognises this and may assume the account holder no longer wants to hear from the company. It will send future emails to spam or the delete folder where they are usually deleted permanently between 10 and 30 days later.

If you see this happening, you need to to delete a rule or filter that the system has set up and create your own. In Gmail, it’s the cog wheel, See All Settings, Filters and Blocked Addresses, Create a New Filter. In Hotmail you can find this under the three dots along the top menu depending on what layout you have, then Rules.

Germanshepherdsmum Wed 04-Oct-23 11:46:01

That’s interesting, thanks.