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Pension letter re increase

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inthegarden Thu 14-Mar-24 18:24:49

Hello all, has anyone still not received their letter from DWP regarding their state pension increase? My husband got his a couple of weeks ago and my sister got hers a month ago but nothing for me.

crazyH Thu 14-Mar-24 18:28:47

Nothing yet …..

Oopsadaisy1 Thu 14-Mar-24 18:35:35

We had ours quite a while ago, I’m not at home so can’t look at the letters to see the date.

25Avalon Thu 14-Mar-24 18:35:55

Had mine a couple of weeks ago.

Juliet27 Thu 14-Mar-24 18:36:36

Nothing so far

tanith Thu 14-Mar-24 18:37:47

Had mine last week.

inthegarden Thu 14-Mar-24 18:42:37

Reassuring to see I’m not alone then. Starting to think I’d been overlooked!

Germanshepherdsmum Thu 14-Mar-24 18:43:43

I haven’t but it’s irrelevant, you will still get the increase.

Coolgran65 Thu 14-Mar-24 18:53:01


Marydoll Thu 14-Mar-24 18:56:06

I got mine weeks ago.

Joseann Thu 14-Mar-24 19:03:43

I'm a new pensioner.
I had a letter about 2 weeks ago explaining how it all works, followed by another one telling me about the immediate increase. Like being given a rise before you've even started a job!

TinSoldier Thu 14-Mar-24 19:05:02

Mine is dated 27 January 2024.

inthegarden Thu 14-Mar-24 19:09:37

Ah I’m a new pensioner too and had my letter confirming my pension application in January but it was just before the increase letters were sent out so didn’t include the increase I should be getting.

Georgesgran Thu 14-Mar-24 19:45:06

Nothing here, but as GSM says it’s not important - we’ll still get the increase, for which I’m grateful.

Marydoll Thu 14-Mar-24 19:47:24


I got mine weeks ago.

Just checked. It was dated 7th February.

YorkLady Thu 14-Mar-24 19:49:56

Had mine weeks ago. Mr York got his yesterday.

AreWeThereYet Thu 14-Mar-24 19:57:41

Had mine about a week ago.

Harris27 Thu 14-Mar-24 20:09:49

Hubby two weeks ago.

rafichagran Thu 14-Mar-24 20:13:59

I had mine a few weeks ago, my partner has not got his.

Redhead56 Thu 14-Mar-24 21:38:48

Mine arrived two days ago DH has not received his yet.

Floradora9 Thu 14-Mar-24 21:48:02

We got ours yesterday and DH says I can afford an extra bottle of wine a month and he can afford 2 .

Ailidh Fri 15-Mar-24 06:12:22

Not yet.

Pantglas2 Fri 15-Mar-24 06:21:18

I’ve never had a letter informing me of the increase in April each year, but my bank account shows I get it of course.

Mr PG always gets a letter but I assumed it was because he’s on the old pre2016 pension with additional SERPS etc which, in total, is a lot higher than my standard post2016 pension.

Curtaintwitcher Fri 15-Mar-24 06:23:27

I think they are done alphabetically, so it depends on your name.

Joseann Fri 15-Mar-24 07:32:32

Aha, maybe! I'm at the top for that! (Having always been at the bottom with my maiden name. A good move there!)