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Am I the only Gran in Devon?

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Miep1 Wed 22-Nov-17 12:01:49

Please tell me there is at least ONE other person out there!

Zoesma Thu 08-Feb-18 11:46:55

Hello,I am new to web chat,so please bear with me!
Does anyone else out there live near me,Cranbrook,which is a Newtown North of Exeter.
I would like to meet up with some like-minded grannies

henetha Thu 08-Feb-18 11:55:29

Hello! I'm a Devonshire gran... but all my grandchildren call me Nan.
I am not near Cranbrook though, but in the countryside near Newton Abbot.
Welcome to Gransnet. It's great when you get used to it and there are some lovely people and interesting things on here.
I occasionally have a day in Exeter so pehaps we could meet up there, later, when spring is around the corner.

henetha Thu 08-Feb-18 11:57:28

P.S. Where are you located, Miepl?

rosesarered Thu 08-Feb-18 14:30:57

There are other grans in Devon ( used to be one of them myself) so keep ‘bumping’ the thread until they notice it.

May2710 Thu 08-Feb-18 14:42:32

I’m a Devon gran still living in the town I was born.

barbriam Sun 01-Apr-18 17:19:43

Hi have just "first posted" on another chat link but am in East Devon and can access Exeter - or would travel to elsewhere if feasible. Wondering if there is any local group or interest in forming one? Hope to hear from other Devon GN members

kezia Sun 01-Apr-18 17:29:58

I'm in East Devon too!

barbriam Mon 02-Apr-18 18:00:25

Hi fellow East Devonian Kezia and hello also from earlier in the year to Cranbrook resident Zoesma. If any of you ever feel like considering a meet, maybe Exeter way or, which might also be possible for Newton Abbot Henetha do keep posting. Open to any other suggestions too. There is also a way of personal messaging which I am ok with but as a newby do not know how to do. Might be nice to see if we can get something off the ground at some time maybe?

SpringyChicken Mon 02-Apr-18 21:39:35

I'm in Plymouth - but not a gran yet!

barbriam Wed 04-Apr-18 15:01:16

Hello SpringyChicken. Thanks for responding. Are you a Gran in anticipation? Is Plymouth too far for an Exeter meet for you if anything gets off the ground?

SpringyChicken Wed 04-Apr-18 15:46:09

No, not even a gran in anticipation! Exeter isn't too far, I could catch the train.

kezia Thu 05-Apr-18 08:14:44

Ok, shall we think about an Exeter meet? What days work for people? My non work days are Monday and Friday but I can be fairly flexible given notivmve9

kezia Thu 05-Apr-18 08:15:12

Notice - Not that muddle of letters!

Bathsheba Thu 05-Apr-18 08:27:42

Count me in too - I can get to Exeter easily. I'm retired so can manage most days.

barbriam Thu 05-Apr-18 16:44:40

Hi Ladies, this is sounding hopeful. I am away for a few days but will give it some thought and post again soon. Many thanks for the responses. If others would like to make suggestions, places/good days etc. that would be nice. Fingers crossed we can make it work.

Atqui Thu 05-Apr-18 16:54:15

There was an Exeter meet up a few years ago at The Mill on the Exe which was convenient for the station and for parking.

amandav53 Thu 05-Apr-18 17:07:52

I’m another Plymouth gransnetter, although my grandchildren are in Bristol. Would be interested in meeting up with others in the area

SpringyChicken Mon 09-Apr-18 08:05:25

If we set a date, hopefully enough of us can make it. We’ll probably never find a day which suits everyone.

barbriam Tue 10-Apr-18 09:24:31

Hi Everyone, I too am retired so can be flexible on days. What about settling on a Monday, (things are sometimes quieter at the start of the week), as has already been mentioned, perhaps in May and see how we go from there? The Mill on the Exe is a good idea and a lovely spot. How does Monday 14th May sound, the one after the Bank Holiday?

Bathsheba Tue 10-Apr-18 09:36:32

I should be able to do that. I take it we're talking a lunch time meet-up, say around 1.00pm?

grannyactivist Tue 10-Apr-18 14:43:40

And yet another from East Devon here.
I can manage my diary with enough advance notice and the 14th of May seems particularly good for me as The Wonderful Man will be away in Greece that week so I think I deserve a bit of a treat. smile

Bathsheba Tue 10-Apr-18 20:17:45

Excellent! So that's 3 of us so far smile

barbriam Wed 11-Apr-18 14:14:30

Hi Yes ladies, looking good so far. I can probably get there from around 12.30. Hope it will indeed turn out to be a treat grannyactivist. I did have a personal message from another GN member but the text was blank, wonder if it was someone new thinking of coming along? For anyone who has attended a meet up before can you suggest how we recognise each other, or maybe we can meet nearesr the entrance door - with or without red roses in our buttonholes or purple or red hats on:-) I have also discovered a Meet up thread on the Forums so may post on there to direct anyone else interested to this section. Lookinf forward to it already.

SpringyChicken Fri 13-Apr-18 23:22:41

I can make 14 May too! grin I haven't checked the train times but will get there for 12.30 if that's what you decide.