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East Midlands meet-up - 26th September in Nottingham

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kittylester Fri 18-Aug-17 18:02:58

Is anyone else interested in coming to this. Up to now we have Teetime, Ann60, J52, Greyduster and me.

We are deciding between Jamie's and Carluccio's.

Please post on this thread if you would like to be included!

All welcome!

kittylester Sat 19-Aug-17 06:41:20


kittylester Tue 05-Sep-17 08:22:49


annsixty Tue 05-Sep-17 08:47:05

I am still intending to come kitty
I will be hobbling on a stick but undaunted.

kittylester Tue 05-Sep-17 08:52:36

Great Ann - look forward to it.

JaneD3 Tue 05-Sep-17 09:29:13

I would like to join you too. Do I have to wear a red hat and carry a copy of God Housekeeping or will I recognise everyone? grin

Teetime Tue 05-Sep-17 09:32:11

Have we booked a table anywhere yet - I've forgotten - this Red Hat keeps falling over my eyes.

kittylester Tue 05-Sep-17 09:44:15

Don't think we'd decided on a time or venue. What does anyone think? I'm happy with either suggestion and I suspect the time will be dictated by train arrivals.

It would be great to see you jane. You wear the red hat and the rest of us will recognise you. grin

annsixty Tue 05-Sep-17 09:47:58

I can get a train arriving at approx 11.30 or 12.30 would prefer the early one, but that makes timing easier. I love Italian food but am easy to please anyway as long as it isn't Indian.

Greyduster Tue 05-Sep-17 09:48:28

Pleeese tell me I don't have to wear a hat of any kind before I order my train ticket!!!

kittylester Tue 05-Sep-17 10:33:49

Have I mentioned my hat hair gd?

I think we mentioned Jamies or carluccios - anyone have a preference? Which is easier to find in Nottingham? What time is your train gd?

Greyduster Tue 05-Sep-17 13:14:20

I have hat hair even without a hat, kitty!! If memory serves me, the two restaurants are within spitting distance of each other. I have no particular preference. I can get a train which will get me in about midday unless anyone wants to meet earlier. I'll book a ticket when we come back from holiday.

Teetime Tue 05-Sep-17 14:20:55

I don't mind either but I think if we are a small party we ought to book - decision anyone?

kittylester Tue 05-Sep-17 16:50:16

Shall we say 12.15 at Jamies?

Please say if you have strong objections to either the date or time.

so how many


Any one else out there like to join us?

kittylester Tue 05-Sep-17 16:50:58

Obviously, didn't mean date - meant place!!!

annsixty Tue 05-Sep-17 17:10:13

That is fine by me. I am so looking forward to meeting you all ( not to mention getting out of the house for a few hours)

JaneD3 Tue 05-Sep-17 18:32:09

Yes from me

kittylester Wed 06-Sep-17 07:09:12


Teetime Wed 06-Sep-17 09:36:23

Lovely! c u there

kittylester Wed 06-Sep-17 19:48:21


kittylester Thu 07-Sep-17 09:57:00

Again! Any more takers.

annsixty Mon 11-Sep-17 11:27:13

I am so, so sorry but I won't be able to make the 26th.
I have just had an appt come for that day at the Orthopaedic Clinic about my hip and knee and as I am in constant discomfort ,it must take priority.
I feel I am fated never to meet up with you😥

kittylester Mon 11-Sep-17 11:36:13

Oh no Ann!!

Obviously your appointment must take priority - keep us posted.

kittylester Fri 15-Sep-17 17:44:24

Another update!

I'm afraid that I have now had it confirmed that our friend's husband's funeral is on the 26th - it was bound to be wasn't it? - so I'm sorry but I am unable to come to the meet up.

Also, I think that Teetime is now unable to come.

I haven't booked the restaurant perhaps the remaining 3 of you - J52, Greyduster, JaneD3 can work out if you want to go ahead as planned, change the meeting place or postpone.

I'm really sorry. I seem destined to only make every 2nd or 3rd attempt at a get together. sad

Greyduster Fri 15-Sep-17 18:02:22

Whilst I would very much like to meet J52 and JaneD3, I hope no-one will take offence if I say that I think it might be better if we choose another date - a larger gathering always works better. Just my opinion though.