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Glesca Grannies, June Meet up?

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Marydoll Sat 21-May-22 18:00:11

I have been thinking of organising another meet up in June, before the schools stop and there are weans everywhere! wink
Are any of youse lassies interested in a wee (or in our case, a big) blether?

Marydoll Sun 22-May-22 20:10:19

I'm bumping this, as no-one seems to have seen it.

Esspee Sun 22-May-22 20:16:04

I’m game!

Marydoll Sun 22-May-22 20:19:10

Am fair chuffed yur comin Espee!

Grannmarie Sun 22-May-22 21:29:21

Aye, Ah'm up furrit an aw, cheers Marydoll ?

Grannmarie Sun 22-May-22 21:30:40 long as it isnae a Wednesday...

Grandmabatty Sun 22-May-22 21:31:51

I hadn't seen it Marydoll apologies for not replying. That sounds rerr. I have a lot on in June, but if I can manage I will.

Marydoll Sun 22-May-22 21:34:50

Gaun yourself Grannmarie ?

Feelingmyage55 Sun 22-May-22 21:37:28

Och aye! Please.

Mogsmaw Sun 22-May-22 21:49:23

Oh, I’d love to. I missed the last one as they changed my rota.

brook2704 Sun 22-May-22 22:12:30

Just seen this marydoll thanks
I’m away quite a bit in June but if I can come along I’d be delighted to join you all!

Marydoll Sun 22-May-22 22:18:04

Ah was feart youse didnae wannt tae play! Nae buddy wis readin ma post! sad

Marydoll Sun 22-May-22 22:19:56

I will compile a comprehensive list and think of possible dates.

You see, I can speak two languages, Parliamo Glesca and Standard English. wink

Kalu Sun 22-May-22 22:52:05

Count me in Mary hen. ?

Grannmarie Sun 22-May-22 23:47:48

We're aw behind like the coo's tail but dinna fash yer self Maryhen, we'll git there in the end.

Jangran99 Mon 23-May-22 06:12:03

Ah hope tae come tae Mary hen. Ah cannae mind the last time ah had a wee dauner roon the shoaps in Glesca.
( ignore spelling, youse aw ken fine whit ah mean)

TopsyIrene06 Mon 23-May-22 06:14:51

Me too please

Marydoll Mon 23-May-22 06:39:37

Aw youse yins, that's mair like it!
Kalu, ur ye gonna manage they sterrs? They are awfy y steep. We could look for somewhere else.

Best days/ dates?

Stilllearning Mon 23-May-22 08:05:49

I’m away till 5th June, so I hope it’s after that, would love to be there. Just caught this on the Scots language thread!

Marydoll Mon 23-May-22 08:29:23

2nd June
6th June
13th June, medical appts for me. Just like buses, they all come at once.

Kalu Mon 23-May-22 09:04:25

Nae worries therr Mary hen, a’m jist aboot guid as new. ?

Hoping Stilllearning and baubles can make it. ?

Kalu Mon 23-May-22 09:06:54

Just noticed your post Stilllearning. ??‍♀️ Hope to see you there.

Esspee Mon 23-May-22 09:16:15

No tae mony steers Kalu if ye cam in erse aboot. Sorry hen I meant tae say by the back door. Oooh err ? that’s a wee bit too Tory fur the likes oh us. I’ll get my jaiket……

mamaa Mon 23-May-22 11:44:01

Wished I lived nearer tae Glesca-I’d be there like a shot- it sounds so much fun. My Auntie lived in Paisley and we had many a holiday as children visiting rellies ‘North of the border’.
That was when we lived in NW England. I live in SE Eng now so will enjoy your meet-up vicariously- as long as someone posts chats and pictures of your doings on the day, please. Enjoy ladies ???????

Marydoll Mon 23-May-22 12:07:08

Mamma, I am a Paisley buddie, but moved when I got married. I still go into Paisley regularly, for the hospital and GP.
It has become quite a sad place now, lots of empty shops. However, there is a regeneration programme on the go, so fingers crossed.