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Aldom Mon 20-Jun-22 11:16:43

Good morning. If anyone would like to meet up in Oxford please respond with suitable dates in AUGUST.
Looking forward to seeing some of you again and hopefully other Oxfordshire and near neighbouring Gransneters too. smile

Greenfinch Mon 20-Jun-22 13:25:07

Hi Aldom. I would love to meet up again in Oxford all being well .In August I could manage 9th ,12 th,18th or any date after 21st August. Other dates might be possible as well.

M0nica Mon 20-Jun-22 13:25:54

I am at the dentist for 2 hours on the 1st August and away 8-16th, but so far the rest of August is clear.

Ladyleftfieldlover Mon 20-Jun-22 13:42:29

Hello! August sounds good for an Oxford meeting. I’ll have a look at dates later this afternoon. Thought I’d better register my interest pdq!

Aldom Mon 20-Jun-22 14:24:08

Hello everyone. How lovely to have a speedy response from you all. I'm looking forward to seeing you again and meeting Llfl. I know of a couple of others who hope to come. I shall wait to hear from them, plus anyone else who can join us. The previous meet ups were at Prezzo. Does that still sound OK?

Cornflower Mon 20-Jun-22 15:29:16

Hi Everyone, I would also be interested in meeting up in Oxford. My preferred days are Tuesdays and Thursdays. Unfortunately, I am not too keen on Prezzo and was wondering if perhaps Pizza Express may be considered as it is nearby?

Ladyleftfieldlover Mon 20-Jun-22 15:42:15

Hi again. I can manage any day in August, except: 2nd, 13th, 14th, 17th, 18th. Cote is also near Prezzo, I think.

Aldom Mon 20-Jun-22 15:50:09

Yes, Cote is lovely, I like eating there, and similar location to Prezzo. But we couldn't all sit together there I think. Also, if weather permits, at Prezzo we will be able to sit outside, under the veranda. I don't mind where we meet, just used Prezzo previously for the above reasons. smile

Greenfinch Mon 20-Jun-22 16:33:17

I enjoyed Prezzo when we went there before but I am easy as to venue.

suzikyoo Mon 20-Jun-22 20:38:58

Hi Aldom, I can do any day in August but not Mondays or Wednesdays. Looking forward to it. Any venue OK by me.

Aldom Tue 21-Jun-22 09:54:20

Just popping in to ask if anyone else would like to meet up in Oxford this August.

Aldom Tue 21-Jun-22 16:38:14

Just bumping this up as it's falling off the Forums list. smile

Juno56 Thu 23-Jun-22 12:40:29

I live fairly close to Oxford and would like to join you please. My preferred days are Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday but I could probably do Thursdays most weeks. Fridays and weekends I can't do. Any venue ok.

Aldom Thu 23-Jun-22 13:19:02

Juno Welcome. Looking forward to meeting you. I hope to look at everyone's preferred days/dates early next week and will then suggest a couple of dates for you to choose from. Once a date is fixed we can decide on the venue and I'll book a table.
If anyone else would like to meet up in Oxford in AUGUST please let me know. smile. So far we are MOnica, Cornflower, Suzikyoo, Greenfinch, Juno, Ladyleftfieldlover and Aldom. Please can you all send me a Private message with your mobile number. This is useful on the day in case of delays, illness etc.

Juno56 Sun 26-Jun-22 15:39:01

Hello, an update on my availability. I can't do 4 or 16 August now. Apart from that, any Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday looks fine at present.

Aldom Sun 26-Jun-22 15:43:44

Thank you Juno. I'll be collating days and dates early in the coming week. Hopefully we can find a date to suit everyone.

Aldom Sun 26-Jun-22 15:59:23

If anyone else is interested in joining us for the August meet up, please add your name. smile

Aldom Mon 27-Jun-22 16:09:47

Hello again Oxfordshire Gransneters
I've looked at the days /dates most suited to you all and it looks like Tuesday 23rd August is best for everyone. Suggested venues are Prezzo, Pizza Express, Cote and Le Pain Quotidien (in the Westgate at the bottom). Very pleasant, spacious, relaxing atmosphere. Variety of food and drinks. Please may I suggest you look up the venues on line if you're not familiar with some of them and post your preference. We will go to the venue with the most votes. As for previous meet ups, once we have decided, I will book the table. Previously we have met at twelve. smile

Ladyleftfieldlover Mon 27-Jun-22 16:26:33

Well done! I’d go for Cote for my first choice, followed by Le Pain Q.

Aldom Mon 27-Jun-22 16:39:08

MOnica please let me have your mobile number by PM. Best wishes.

suzikyoo Mon 27-Jun-22 18:04:19

Date fine by me. Le Q P sounds yummy (bakery .. pastries!) and Cote a new experience but happy to go with anything.

suzikyoo Mon 27-Jun-22 18:05:45

Le P Q even!!

Aldom Tue 28-Jun-22 08:01:24

Morning Oxfordshire Gransneters hoping you are all able to come on Tuesday, 23rd August. Please let me know which venue you prefer. smile

Juno56 Tue 28-Jun-22 12:15:07

The date is fine and on my calendar. I am fine with any of the venues but I have not been to Le P Q and it does sound good; so I think that's my first choice with Cote as my second.

Aldom Tue 28-Jun-22 12:31:19

Thank you Juno. smile