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Wokingham/ Berkshire

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Greenfinch Tue 07-Feb-23 13:55:13

Would anyone be interested in meeting up on 22nd February or 1st or 2nd March (Wednesday or Thursday)? We generally meet at Holme Grange just outside Wokingham and it would be lovely if you
were able to join us.

Greenfinch Wed 08-Feb-23 10:39:53


Deedaa Wed 08-Feb-23 21:39:26

Don't know why we never seem to get much interest for this one. Holme Grange is ideal for a meeting with decent coffee and cakes and plenty of parking.

Greenfinch Thu 09-Feb-23 11:22:07

It would be interesting to know if it would be more popular if we reverted to a venue in Reading. Any thoughts anyone?

Wolwol Thu 09-Feb-23 16:40:56

I'd be very happy with Holme Grange; I can manage any of those dates. I also had fun browsing in the individual shops there last time we met up, and the garden centre just down the road...

I’d not be so keen on Reading for travel reasons, but others may be.

Or there's the Atrium Cafe at South Hill Park Arts Centre, Ringmead, Bracknell; also plenty of parking - might be too far out for some though.

Thanks, Greenfinch smile

Greenfinch Thu 09-Feb-23 19:34:44

Good to hear from you Wolwol. Glad you will be able to join us. South Hill Park would be convenient for some so it is a thought for next time. I am just waiting to hear from one other and then we will confirm the date.

Deedaa Thu 09-Feb-23 20:59:30

I could walk to South Hill Park (I say "could" I might still drive)

Pennyjw Fri 10-Feb-23 18:40:18

I would love to see you all again and do love Holme Grange (and the garden centre!) but am flexible to suit others. 1st or 2nd March would be ideal.

annodomini Fri 10-Feb-23 19:47:43

A migrant from the North, I've moved to Sandhurst to be close to my family and could very easily drive over to Wokingham. I'd like to meet some local grans as I don't know many people here yet, outside my family circle.

Auntieflo Fri 10-Feb-23 19:55:10

I could do 2nd March, 🤞that nothing comes up before then.
Look forward to seeing Gransnet friends.

Greenfinch Fri 10-Feb-23 20:51:53

Oh annodommini that would be really lovely. I have often seen you posting and was aware you used to visit your family in Sandhurst .I hope you have settled into the area. Send me a pm if you need directions to Holme Grange.

Greenfinch Fri 10-Feb-23 20:54:33

Let’s settle on 2nd March then. It’s all coming together so shall we say about 10.30 at Holme Grange craft centre cafe?

Greenfinch Fri 10-Feb-23 20:55:41

Auntieflo I am about to pm you.

Wolwol Fri 10-Feb-23 21:40:56

Looking forward to that 😊

annodomini, I'm also in Sandhurst 😊

Greenfinch Sat 11-Feb-23 10:25:34

Six so far. That’s good but everyone is welcome especially those who have never been before. Holme Grange is in a lovely setting with a garden centre(Squires) and pick you own farm ( not yet open for the year) nearby. There is plenty of free car parking but ,being very rural, there is no public transport. Hope to see you there.

Deedaa Sat 11-Feb-23 21:54:24

2nd March is fine by me.

Greenfinch Sat 11-Feb-23 21:58:43

See you then Deedaa.

Pennyjw Sun 12-Feb-23 09:47:36

2nd March is good for me and I look forward to seeing you all.

Greenfinch Sun 12-Feb-23 11:16:29

That’s good pennyjw.Don’t forget !!

Pennyjw Mon 13-Feb-23 14:46:20


Greenfinch Thu 23-Feb-23 10:20:41

Just a gentle reminder that we are meeting a week today (March 2nd) at Holme Grange craft centre as near 10.30 as you can make it. Would anyone else care to join us? You would be most welcome.

Auntieflo Thu 23-Feb-23 11:19:55

Thank you Greenfinch. Will be there DV.

Greenfinch Thu 23-Feb-23 11:36:50

Impressed by the Latin Auntieflo!

Auntieflo Thu 23-Feb-23 12:16:11


Greenfinch Wed 01-Mar-23 15:35:29

Looking forward to seeing you all tomorrow and there is still time to join us if you can. I will probably reserve a table as it was quite busy last week when I was there. I will be wearing a navy coat and colourful scarf .