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Blackpool holiday coming up

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multicolourswapshop Wed 30-Aug-23 08:30:24

Good morning everyone are there any Gransnet’s in Blackpool I’m going there on 11th september for a few days perhaps we can meet up

ParlorGames Wed 30-Aug-23 15:49:59

I'm not in the Blackpool area but I found your post lurking in the Unanswered section and thought it was such a shame that no one had commented.
I do hope you manage to arrange a meet-up and have a lovely time in Blackpool. smile

Mizuna Wed 30-Aug-23 18:22:12

Oh dear multi, no-one seems to live near Blackpool! If you ever come to Cornwall I'll meet up with you. brew

Soozikinzi Wed 30-Aug-23 18:47:32

We're going to Blackpool in November to watch Bodyguard. I saw it in manchester with my friends but liked it so much I'm watching it again with my DH. It's lovely now near the Winter Gardens they've spent alot of money on that part.

Ailidh Wed 30-Aug-23 19:12:39

I live just up the road in Ansdell but I'm away that week sad

Enjoy! I Love the Blackpool coast!!

multicolourswapshop Thu 31-Aug-23 05:18:10

Thank you Mizuna and parlorgames my daughter was in Cornwall last year and loved it.I’ll let you know should I get to your neck of the woods, the company I use who provide their own carers have a trip to Tenerife next year think I’ll be going there I’m sure I’ll enjoy Blackpool I’ve been there several times pre stroke and had such fun went to the gay club famous for putting on a cabaret show so professional even went to the ballroom in the tower many years ago. I’ll let you know how I get on this time it’s been years since I last visited Blackpool