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Wokingham / Berkshire meet up

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Greenfinch Wed 30-Aug-23 09:50:41

It seems a long time ago since we last met.Is anyone up for meeting for coffee in September or October? We could go to the usual place (Holme Grange) where the coffee machine is rather noisy (!) or to Squires garden centre just up the road from there. Both places have plenty of parking. Anyway, let me know your thoughts.
If anyone finds driving difficult we could have another/alternative meeting in Reading.

Greenfinch Thu 31-Aug-23 12:25:32


Deedaa Sat 02-Sep-23 21:27:37

I thought that with school holidays over we should think about another get together.

Greenfinch Tue 05-Sep-23 08:49:15

Not much interest here Deedaa. Looks like just thee and me. Shall we arrange a date and then see if others want to join us ?What about venue?

Auntieflo Tue 05-Sep-23 09:00:31

Hi, I wasn't ignoring you, just waiting to see when I could possibly join in. Any preferred dates yet?

annodomini Tue 05-Sep-23 10:10:54

I'd enjoy another meet-up in either venue. Since I moved to the area, I've learned how not to get lost. I hope.

Greenfinch Tue 05-Sep-23 12:03:46

Be bold Auntieflo 😂😂. We can work round you. I was thinking late September/early October. Any thoughts?

Greenfinch Tue 05-Sep-23 12:05:47

Thanks annodomini. Are there any days/dates you can’t make?

Pennyjw Tue 05-Sep-23 13:36:28

I would love to meet up with you all again. Squires is easy parking and any excuse to look at the plants! Annodomini, its very close to Holme Grange so should be easy to find.

Greenfinch Tue 05-Sep-23 14:13:29

Squires it is then. It will make a nice change and I will book as they sometimes get quite busy. Just need a date now. Any preferences?

Pennyjw Tue 05-Sep-23 16:14:21

I should be around most of the time so hopefully can fit in with you all.

Greenfinch Tue 05-Sep-23 19:28:03

I will suggest some dates hopefully tomorrow when I have found my diary!!

Deedaa Tue 05-Sep-23 20:12:11

Thursday is the best day for me, Tuesday and Friday are OK. September or October are fine.

Greenfinch Wed 06-Sep-23 09:22:40

Thanks Deedaa. Shall we say either Thursday 28 th September or Thursday 5th October ?My personal preference is for the latter but either OK for me.

Deedaa Wed 06-Sep-23 20:58:24

Thursday 5th October would be better for me as there is a U3A meeting on 28th September.

Pennyjw Thu 07-Sep-23 14:32:54

Thursday 5 October would be good for me.

Greenfinch Fri 08-Sep-23 09:49:51

Shall we settle on Thursday 5 October 10.30am at Squires Garden Centre ?. It would be lovely to see a few more at our gathering. Everyone welcome. Let me know if you are unsure of where Squires is.

Auntieflo Fri 08-Sep-23 10:34:53

Will try and make it. Thursdays are usually good for me.
Thanks Greenfinch for organising the meet-up.

Greenfinch Fri 08-Sep-23 10:55:07

That’s great Auntieflo but we understand if you have to pull out .(I hope you don’t though)

Deedaa Fri 08-Sep-23 22:22:55

Hopefully see you all there.

Pennyjw Sat 09-Sep-23 14:08:08

Lovely, look forward to seeing everyone.

Greenfinch Sat 09-Sep-23 17:00:15

Is that OK for you annodomini?

Wolwol Wed 20-Sep-23 15:50:21

Thanks, Greenfinch, I hope to manage this too 😊

Greenfinch Mon 25-Sep-23 20:59:03

Hi Wolwol, I hadn’t noticed your reply on here. So glad you can join us . I will reply to your PM tomorrow.

Greenfinch Thu 28-Sep-23 12:32:25

Just a gentle reminder of our meet up in a week’s time at 10.30 or thereabouts at Squires Garden Centre in Heathlands Road. We are about 6 at the moment but any others will be most welcome.