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Meet ups/where are you?

Anyone in Cambridgeshire?

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Eartha Tue 14-Jan-20 13:21:24

I have been a member of GN for quite a few years and check in nearly every day, but don't usually post. As far as I am aware, there haven't been any meet ups in the Cambridge area. I would be happy to correspond and hopefully meet up with other grans in the area. I live near Huntingdon, but would be willing to travel to other parts of Cambridgeshire.

JackyB Tue 14-Jan-20 16:43:02

There have been several meetups - as far as I know, the last one was in Cambridge. I went to one in Fen Ditton.

I don't live there, I live abroad, but when I do come to the UK, I am in Cambridgeshire. Hitherto near Newmarket but now my mother has died, I shall be staying with my sister nearer Ely.

Here is the conversation organising the last meetup (last September)

Nannytopsy Tue 14-Jan-20 17:44:15

We could go for somewhere between Cambridge and Burt St Edmunds?

NonnaW Wed 15-Jan-20 13:25:25

I also now live near Huntingdon so would be happy to have a meet up.

Grannyjay Wed 15-Jan-20 13:45:55

I also live in Huntingdon and willing to meet up

merlotgran Wed 15-Jan-20 13:51:17

I live near Ely but can do Newmarket easily. I couldn't make the Fen Ditton meets at the time but probably could now - DH's outpatient appointments permitting.

Nannytopsy Wed 15-Jan-20 14:18:33

I will stop posting on my Bury St Edmunds thread and join you in Newmarket!

Nannytopsy Wed 15-Jan-20 14:19:05

Or Huntingdon

Eartha Thu 16-Jan-20 10:42:14

Good to see there are a few of us. Now need to find a suitable venue and date. I am pretty flexible apart from school pick up Tuesday and Wednesday. Any ideas?

PamelaJ1 Thu 16-Jan-20 12:21:08

I’d love to come but am away for a couple of months.
Have a good time.
The Bedford lodge is very nice,

Eartha Thu 16-Jan-20 14:58:10

Thank you PamelaJ1 I haven't been to the Bedford Lodge myself, but understand it's very nice... and has a lovely spa!

Eartha Fri 24-Jan-20 17:50:59

As a few Cambridgeshire grans live in or near Huntingdon, we have arranged a meet up on Thursday 6th February, 11 am at Frost's garden centre in Brampton. Anyone else like to join us?