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Peri menopause

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Jaxb65 Mon 03-Dec-18 21:34:10

Is it usual to feel unable to cope with stresses at work and therefore feel weepy during the perimenopause/menopause? I’m 53 and just feel so overwhelmed.

Razzy Thu 06-Dec-18 23:00:36

Yes! I didn’t realise it could be perimenopause until my Dr mentioned it. I always coped very well with stress and pressure, not emotional. All changes when the hormones start playing up! My GP said it is like when you first start getting periods. Hormone fluctuations, irregular periods, like the reverse of the start of it all. She recommended MenoPace as a natural help, HRT if not. HRT comes in different doses, you can try the lowest dose to start. Vitamin B supplement also good.
I’ve had a couple of wobbles, accompanied by tears, and had to call in sick to work. Both brought on by additional stresses, but in the past I coped fine. X

Jazzyj Thu 07-Mar-19 14:47:29

Hi, this is my first post. I’m 53 and am perimenapausal. I now believe my symptoms started when I was 45, starting with aches in my hand finger and lower arms. I would get this on and off and really did not know what this was and just brushed it off but its never left me to this day. Since 45 Ive had very few flushes, but now and again used to have large sweating under my ( large boobs ) which would only last a few minutes at a time, also the odd face flush. My periods were always a bit heavier than usual due to me having the coil ( non hormonal ). I went to see my GP two years ago and for me I beleive that I should have be prescribed HRT due to my symptoms, these were irregular bleeding over 50, brain fog, lack of energy, lower labido, flushes etc. My GP prescribed me with Clonodine Hydrochloride and Prozac. I was not forced by my GP to take the antidepressants but advised they would help with my mood as the hormone tablets would not. Well after a few months I stopped both as for me I felt worse. I plodded along for over a year and a half and my symptoms were getting worse. I don’t suffer with a lot of night sweats, my worst symptoms have been dark scary depressive thoughts ( only twice ) aches from head to toe ( sort of flu
like ) tired all the time, cold hands, mild head aches ( never really suffered headaches in my earlier life) brain fog, vacant hate this feeling when I’m driving as it makes me feel less confident. My libido defo has been effected and never had this before as I’m very much in love with my hubby. I new I had to do something. My mum mentioned a HRT Expert who had been on tv called Dr Louise Newson. I was at my lowest ebb and felt so alone inside. I checked this expert out on
u tube and googled her website and read all about her. Feeling like I had all the nessesary information to challenge my GP I made my appointment. I saw two female GPs who both told me as I was still bleeding ( mine had been all over the place for 2 yrs) they would not prescribe me with HRT. I must admit I felt a bit defeated for a few days but then thought I’m not going to give up so I then saw a male GP even with all my findings he would not prescribe me any HRT as he wanted to do blood test to rule out any other possible reasons, all came back ok, apart one being raised hormones. I then saw another male GP who also did some more blood tests, all ok but he did confirm my blood pressure was high on the day. I said I never normally have higher level, he said he wanted me to do my own BP readings For a week morning and evening and would discuss on my next appointment. My GP said that after his calculations of my BP they were normal and he was willing to prescribe me with HRT , I told him I wanted the patches as reading the HRT expert Dr Louise Newson these had less risks of clots or strokes , my GP granted this and I’m on Evorel patches. I’ve only been on these a few weeks and I’m ok so far but no changes but I know these can take a few months for some people. I will write again in a few months to let you know if I’m making progress with these patches.

MandyRaff Thu 07-Mar-19 16:42:51

I am peri-menopause and about a year ago a routine blood test (I am anaemic) showed reduced oestrogen. Fast foward to February this year and went to see my GP. Told her about the aches, brain fog, mood swings and she prescribed HRT straight away - no more tests, no more questions. She said it's a clinical diagnosis most of the time and from what I had told her I was definitely peri-menopause. I supposed I must have a very understanding GP JazzyJ and I feel for you. Let us know how you get on xx

Siobhanp Sun 10-Mar-19 15:01:01

No period for 6 months now its started light and heavy now 5th day I really thought this was the end of them... Can anyone comment if they were the same am I to expect this regularly or should I go to doctor I'm 50.

M0nica Sun 10-Mar-19 20:08:48

JazzyJ the pains in your hand and arm could be carpal tunnel syndrome, , not a specifically menopausal problem, but one not uncommon in older women. I began to get pain in my arm and, gradually, numbness in my fingers at night when I was in my late 40s. It came and went until I was about 70 when the pain got a lot worse and permanent and I had surgery about a year ago. It is very minor surgery, local anaesthetic and sedation, I was in and out of hospital in about 2 hours.