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Hetty58 Mon 18-Jan-21 01:14:59

It may be time to update your will - or at least have the wording checked to ensure that your wishes are followed.

babzi Mon 18-Jan-21 00:33:33

My daughter was unmarried and separated from her long term partner before she died. I want to make sure my granddaughter receives her share

M0nica Sat 16-Jan-21 17:21:58

Unless you change your will the money left to your daughter will go to your grand daughter, it deoends on how the will is written.

If you have concerns speak to a solicitor and get proper advice.

You can rewrite and change your will as often as you like.

AGAA4 Sat 16-Jan-21 16:35:10

That is what my mum did David to make sure her grandchildren benefited and not the son in law.
So sorry you have lost you daughter Babzi.
Make a new will so you grandaughter benefits.

David0205 Sat 16-Jan-21 16:29:41

If you do change your will, change it so that all other bequests go to grandchildren if children pre decease you.

crazyH Sat 16-Jan-21 15:35:55

First of all I am so sorry for your loss Babzi. I’m not legally qualified, but as far as I understand, it’s not automatic that your grand daughter will inherit her mother’s share. Have you written your will ? If not, you now need to write a new will.

Oopsadaisy1 Sat 16-Jan-21 15:27:23

I’m so sorry, it must be hard for you.
Was your daughter married? If so I believe your daughters husband would inherit.
But you need to change your will now.

babzi Sat 16-Jan-21 15:27:14

Oops wrong forum

Espana Sat 16-Jan-21 15:27:12

She is not entitled to her mothers share but a share would be an acknowledgement of your daughters importance.

babzi Sat 16-Jan-21 15:24:05

One of my daughter's has passed. She has one adult child I do not see. Is my granddaughter entitled to her mother's share when I pass away?