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fibroids after menopause

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jami Mon 08-Jun-20 11:07:48

Hello. This is my first post and glad I found you. Here's my current menopause story! I am 66 today. I started menopause around 58. I had always had massive, disabling periods every 3 weeks, so was glad at the thought of being free from them. Bleeding over the menopause continued on and off. I had ultrasound 4 years ago due to bleeding and they found my womb was full of fibroids. The gynacologist said they often set up mini bleeding cycles for themselves. (relatively little seems to be known about them) Well they could not see the lining of the womb because of the fibroids, so - it was left at that.

Last week I went again (to a very empty hospital wearing mask) This was because I had had period type pains for a couple of weeks after fairly energetic sex. I have a retroverted uterus, so I thought it may be to do with that and the uncomfortable sexual intercourse position- maybe ligaments strained? Anyway doctor said I had to have ultrasound again, because of show of blood, to check for womb lining thickness re cancer. Hence the visit in covid 19 times. I pointed out they wouldnt see the lining due to fibroids. He said, after 4 years of the menopause they wouldve shrunk. Well they hadnt, and they could not see the lining of the womb.
I have been on HRT (Kliovance) for about 6 years because of mental symptoms- depressions, anxiety, rages, really saddening, as I have a lovely husband, now 11 years together.
I went to see a female GP re my ultrasound scan. She said they don't know what to do next as it is impossible to get into the womb after menopause die to it being closed- this was the same 4 years ago: no sample could be taken. She said di I want the fibroids removed! Did I want a hysterectomy? I do not knoe. I tend to feel leave well alone. Please share your thoughts and any insight into this that you may have. I would love to know if anyone has similar experiences. I have just restarted my Kliovance after two massive out of control rages , which began with simple discussions I cannot remember what. But my husband is an engineer and a bit 'on the spectrum'. He tries to help, but it usuall y goes wrong because nothing can help me. I stopped Kliovance cold turkey as I thought it was causing the fibroids to stay plump. But it is the lowest dose available and I only took it every other day. It seems even that low dose is very important vis a vis keeping sane.

Katyj Mon 08-Jun-20 11:19:35

Hi Jami I have a friend with similar problems although she had endometriosis as well ,so suffered a lot of pain she is 60. She opted for a hysterectomy last year , she said it’s the best thing she’s done, should have done it years ago.Had key hole surgery general anaesthetic, and was home 5 hours later feeling much better . Good luck.

Tweedle24 Mon 08-Jun-20 11:32:23

I had a hysterectomy (ovaries too) about 20 years ago for fibroids. Like Katyj’s friend, pretty well best thing I had ever done (except perhaps knee replacement three years ago lol).

jami Mon 08-Jun-20 11:35:27

Wow, I thought it was a huge operation? They can do it keyhole? Did she have NHS or private? My thoughts were: I suffered being totally disabled a few days every 3 weeks for years- if only I could have had a hysterectomy then but didnt know what was wrong. My doctor didnt take much notice of the period problems I reported, as I had so many problems because of long term chronic fatigue syndrome ( severe anaemia was treated though) he didnt want to hear anymore I guess. I would be a bit worried about an op because of the cfs- I am recovered but only to a third of my strength- half strength on good periods, but prone to relapse with new infections, viruses, and probably operations! So a lot to balance out I guess...

Oopsadaisy3 Mon 08-Jun-20 12:29:08

I had it in my late 30s due to fibroids, I was nearly on the floor with the bleeding and very anaemic.
I’ve never looked back, also sailed through the menopause,( which might or might not have anything to do with it).

fevertree Mon 08-Jun-20 13:04:47

Crikey, have a hysterectomy. I had one vaginally (if that's the right word) no incision. Best thing ever after having really problematic and painful periods all my life.

Welcome by the way.

Tangerine Mon 08-Jun-20 13:04:55

Hysterectomies vary. If you are fortunate (I wasn't), you will have a keyhole operation. Otherwise, it will mean a horizontal or vertical scar and I think the size of the fibroids will determine that.

I had enormous fibroids too although I can't say they hurt or caused excessive bleeding so I guess I was fortunate. The consultant advised a hysterectomy and I had one. I had no doubts about wanting it.

Yes, it's a big operation but I think it's worth it. I also had the ovaries and fallopian tubes removed. As I had relations who'd had ovarian cancer, I was quite keen to have them removed.

Good luck!

Oldbat1 Mon 08-Jun-20 13:27:15

I had enormous fibroids! One size of melon and another grapefruit and a few oranges. Seemingly I brought theatre to a standstill! I was bigger tummy wise than when I had twins. Had open surgery due to size and had my ovaries removed at same time. I felt immediately wonderful when I woke up from surgery. My advice definitely go for it!

JackyB Mon 08-Jun-20 15:16:38

Just get a hysterectomy. But I doubt it will be keyhole if your uterus is full of fibroids.

Has no one mentioned a D&C or don't they do that any more?

jami Mon 08-Jun-20 17:00:30

Thank you very much for your replies and advice....JackyB I think they cannot open the neck of the womb after menopause so a D & C could not be done

Madgran77 Mon 08-Jun-20 17:04:34

I had a hysterectomy after "fibroids" that kept growing and didnt shrink. Turned out they weren't fibroids atall. PM me if you wish to know more but I do think you need advice from a consultant gynaecologist, not just a GP xx

Nortsat Mon 08-Jun-20 17:21:16

I had a hysterectomy and removal of my ovaries, for a grade 1A cancer 6 years ago.

I was sitting up in a chair the morning after the op and was home within 3 days. I was back at work in a demanding, senior role in 6 weeks. I was advised that it’s a straight forward op and although I didn’t really believe that, it was.

I had no pain afterwards and recovered really well.

I would opt for the hysterectomy as soon as possible. Ask your GP for a referral to a Gynaecologist and get things moving. (I went private and the whole thing, tests, scans and operation were done within two weeks).

Good luck and best wishes 💐

Katyj Mon 08-Jun-20 17:44:13

Hi Jami. It’s a lot easier operation now it’s keyhole surgery. Hers took a while as she has adhesions on her ovaries too, think it was around 3 hours . She was still able to come home a few hours later with painkillers , she was up and about immediately, and back to work 6 week later.

Katyj Mon 08-Jun-20 17:45:03

It was NHS

ninathenana Mon 08-Jun-20 18:21:59

Jami I had an internal scan and a small polyp removed vaginally which was then sent for testing last year. I was 15 yrs post menopause. So I don't understand why a D&C would not be possible.

JuliaM Mon 08-Jun-20 18:39:33

I suffered for many years with fibroids, heavy bleeding and anaemia. My Gynaecologist at tge time refused to do anything and just said that the symptoms would improve after the Menopause. They didnt. I was recomended to a different Gynaecologist who specialised in Menopause problems and booked a private Consultation appointment. It was worth every penny. Within six weeks I had an appointment on his NHS day case list for an Endrometrial Ablation, which is a type of hysterectomy that removes the Endrometrial lining from the uterus perminantly, along with any Fibroids or Polyps which they also found in me, never to grow back again. Only the muscular outer body of the uterus remains, the surgery took less than an hour, and was done under epidural block with slight sedation. I could hear voices, see the theatre lights, but could not have cared less, I was well and truely away with the faries!
The recovery was amazing, rested for a couple of days, then started to feel much better as my Anaemia improved, and the best bit, after a few days, the slight bleeding finally stoped never to be seen ever again! It was the best thing that I ever did.

jami Wed 10-Jun-20 09:02:38

Thank you all so much for your input. I am scared of having the hysterectomy. I have just got a referrsl through to make an appointment a t NHS clinic for 'post menopausal bleeding.
4 years ago, after I had a show of blood I went through all of the ultrasound and trying to get into the womb to take a sample of the lining and the consultant could not access the womb it was tightly closed. After that I went home and it was just left without further investigation. I think because of the covid 19 situation they are twiddling their thumbs as people are 'staying safe' at home and don't want to go into hospital- so it is reported on the news. Thank you MadGran I will pm you

jami Wed 10-Jun-20 09:25:07

I am confused if there is anything else they can do to diagnose what is happening in my womb, before the step for a hysterectomy. My doctor says the entrance to the womb is closed, so that is why the first gynaecologist, 4 years back, couldn't get a sample. Both ultra sound scans ( last week and 4 years ago) - internal and external, simply showed I have 5 fibroids and the lining of womb is hidden. That is what they needed to see in order to make a (yes or no) cancer diagnosis I wondered if an MRI would show the required info, but my doctor says she cannot ask for that and didn't 'know'either whether that is a useful step. I would be happy to pay privately for one if it would give me a definite answer so I can decide what to do. I would leave well alone and live with it if it is not cancer, so long as no pain or increase in size of fibroids etc: I don't want an unnecessary operation but would for sure want a necessary one!

Oopsadaisy3 Wed 10-Jun-20 14:21:52

See if your Dr. would write a referral letter for you to have an MRI scan done privately?
I don’t know why she said she can’t get one for you, unless she thinks it wouldn’t be useful?
I think that when I had my Hysterectomy 30 years ago, it was much more common for them to just take it away.

Esspee Mon 22-Jun-20 22:30:42

I am so pleased I had my ovaries, womb and cervix removed. Not only did it solve my problem (due to polycystic ovaries) but I can now never get ovarian cancer, uterine cancer or cervical cancer plus I get to have oestrogen only HRT which is far better than combined HRT.
You are past your child bearing years so why keep all those redundant bits?

sodapop Tue 23-Jun-20 08:30:37

I had a hysterectomy over 25 years ago jami best thing I ever did as I had fibroids too.
Not sure about keyhole surgery if you have a lot of fibroids, I'm not au fait with current practice. I agree with Esspee
Have the operation it will greatly improve your life, good luck.

Doodle Tue 23-Jun-20 11:41:34

jami I too had massive fibroids which eventually caused me to have urine retention. I had a full hysterectomy including ovaries having been advised by a GP friend to have the whole lot removed to avoid a chance of cancer later. As others have said, the best thing I have done. No regrets, not one. Good luck with whatever you decide.

Doodle Tue 23-Jun-20 11:46:58

jami a hysterectomy is a ‘big’ operation but perhaps you are thinking of it being bigger than it is. Certainly years ago it was a major op but I would seriously suggest you look into it in more detail and get some good medical advice. Obviously no one wants an op if they don’t need one but as others have said it takes away the concern for cancer in that area and although you need time to recuperate it’s not that bad. I was still at work when I had mine done. I would find out more about it and how it could be done If I were you so you have a more balanced view of the procedure.

jami Thu 25-Jun-20 09:16:40

Thank you for all your input. x

Cholla221 Sat 11-Jul-20 12:05:55

Sorry for the pain sister!

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