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Are we really past it? (humph)

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kittyp Tue 10-Apr-12 11:20:46

I've just seen a piece in the Mail online saying "60 the new 40? Don't kid yourself ladies" - basically saying that trying to be a sex siren in your 60s is downright deluded.

Since when did 40 somethings get classified as "sex sirens" in the first place? In my opinion you can look fantastic without trying to be mutton dressed as lamb whatever your age. Just because you have hit 60 doesn't mean you can't look great - or that you should continue to make the best f yourself. I do hate articles like this!
Here is the link.

Annika Tue 10-Apr-12 12:09:57

I don' feel past it at all. I am knocking on the door of 60 .
When I was in my 40s I was so busy looking after children, parents, Mr Annika,running the house and working I didn't have time to be a sex siren !
Have I missed out I don't think so .I now enjoy life at a much steady pace and I wouldn't go back at all.
If we are happy with how we look what the hell has it got to do with any jumped up columnist from the Daily Mail

Annobel Tue 10-Apr-12 12:15:02

Not that I ever was 'a sex siren' but it was a relief to leave all that behind in my 20s! wink

SOOP Tue 10-Apr-12 12:31:58

Annika grin

kittylester Tue 10-Apr-12 14:24:59

I wish I had known I was a sex siren at any time - I must have missed it! grin

Annika Tue 10-Apr-12 14:39:27

kittylester I bet you were too busy like me grin

absentgrana Wed 11-Apr-12 02:06:23

Where is the logic? If you are sixty, then you feel like sixty - by definition - although not everyone feels the same as other poeple the same age (at 60 or any other age). You cannot truly feel like 35 or 40 unless you have been in a coma for decades or are so stupid that you have learned nothing along the way. What she is really saying is that she thinks sixty is so old, daft and useless that she doesn't want to admit her age - even, or perhaps, especially to herself.

Granb Wed 11-Apr-12 11:45:47

I think I must have read a slightly different article! I thought she was ultimately celebrating her life and that despite the difficulties, she would not have changed/would not wish to change much and likes the person she is now.

The fact that we can have surgery/dye our hair/botox our wrinkles etc does in fact upset the 'natural' balance. Nature does not (in the main... and I know there will always be exceptions) intend us to attract younger and more virile/fertile mates after we have reached a certain age. On the whole, those youngsters can instinctively see through the artifice. For most people, they are only really trying to look younger to impress others of the same age!

I have always thought that the reason our eyesight goes in our later years is so that the mate who was so attracted to us 30+ years ago looks thinks we look just the same now!

I have to admit to asking my hairdresser to use subtle colours to give me a natural looking head of hair without any grey bits showing through and hiding my DOH's glasses smile

Anagram Wed 11-Apr-12 12:06:04

I agree with you, Granb. What's to 'hate' about the article?

petallus Fri 13-Apr-12 09:21:51

I agree with Absentgrana and Granb. If you're sixty you're sixty, even if you are a relatively healthy/good looking version of that age. You could climb Everest every month and you'd still be sixty and therefore elderly or heading towards it fast.

Years ago my mother told me that as you get older you don't compare yourself with young women, rather others of your own age.

petallus Fri 13-Apr-12 09:22:22

As for being a sex siren, I wasn't keen on that in my twenties.

Greatnan Fri 13-Apr-12 09:38:01

I suppose it could be said that I am not 'making the best of myself' as I don't use make-up, hair dye, contact lenses, perfume..........I am very glad to be extremely fit and healthy and I think that is more important.
I don't want to attract men and I am not in the business of comparing myself (and competing) with other women.
I think the constant stress in newspapers and magazines on the way women look is very sad - no wonder girls of eight are anorexic and 16 year old girls are asking for breast augmentation. Why do we have to pander to men's erotic fantasies?

susiecb Fri 13-Apr-12 10:21:30

I have never been a sex siren so I wont become one now at 59 and a half BUT I still like sex and make myself as attractive as I can be I don't kid myself about that but when I think about what my mother and her mother looked like at my age through hard work and lack of cosmetics, hair dye etc there have definitely been improvements.

Greatnan Fri 13-Apr-12 13:29:57

Susie, I don't know if you have a permanent partner - if you have, would he really not fancy you without your make-up, etc? Most of the men I have known said they preferred a natural look. There is no connection that I can see between enjoying sex and wearing make-up!
I genuinely do not understand why people want to look younger than they are, unless you are in a profession where it matters.

gracesmum Fri 13-Apr-12 13:42:50

Cheeky little dig at Cherie Lunghi for hitting 60 two weeks earlier than the writer perhaps?
If I had looked half as good at 60 I wouldn't be moaning, however I am me and there's not a lot I can do about it so I have to make the best of it.As for feeling your age on the inside - no chance. I am still in awe of tall people and those with "grown up jobs", like DDs I don't let on though, and try to keep smiling serenely whatever. (But I do wonder why my Mum looks out of the mirror at me some mornings!)

Mishap Fri 13-Apr-12 18:18:49

Well - I think some of us are past it and others are lucky enough not to be!
I don't remotely look my age (or so everyone says) partly because I have dark hair with no grey hairs at 63 and I have kept my figure........but my health is that of someone quite a bit older (arthritis all over the place, giddiness problems etc.). Personally I would rather look like an old crone and feel well!

Just been talking to a 62 year old woman who runs marathons - I was trying not to appear jealous. I cannot run, full stop.

Luckily my interests do not demand too much physical exertion - although the grandchildren do!

Greatnan Fri 13-Apr-12 18:39:41

I don't think I look like an old crone, but it wouldn't bother me if I did. (I know you didn't mean me!) What difference would it make to my life? I know I look healthy!

johanna Fri 13-Apr-12 19:13:07

This thread reminds me of a very funny story.
My friend, who lives in Amsterdam, took herself of the an exhibition.
It was a beautiful day, so she decided to walk, instead of the tram.
As she is trotting along the canal on the one side, she noticed two men on the other side.
An old man and a younger one.
They were looking at her.
And, yessss , when they reached the next bridge, the men crossed over and approached her, and a conversation followed.
She was devastated.
As she said to me: " I obviously look old enough to want to pay for it!! "

johanna Fri 13-Apr-12 19:15:58

sorry, of TO an exhibition

Anagram Fri 13-Apr-12 20:13:11

What, they expected her to pay for it? confused

johanna Fri 13-Apr-12 20:18:47

Yes * anagram* indeed they did.
The older guy was " selling " the younger one.
Can you imagine?

I suppose the moral of the story is that 60 is definitely not the new 40.

Anagram Fri 13-Apr-12 20:28:19

Oh, I see, johanna - but you didn't tell us how old your friend was...

johanna Fri 13-Apr-12 20:37:00

Of course. Sorry!
How stupid.

Anagram Fri 13-Apr-12 20:44:00

Not stupid, johanna, you just left it out - I'm assuming she was 60-ish?
I can't see that sort of thing catching on in this country, though. I don't think they'd find many clients out on the streets! grin

johanna Fri 13-Apr-12 21:09:13

Thank you for your diplomacy....
Yes, she is " our " age.