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Remember Pie in the Sky?

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Deedaa Thu 11-Apr-13 20:38:19

Thank you feetlebaum it's niggled at me for years that I couldn't remember the name. My mother and I watched it and had him marked down as someone to watch.

feetlebaum Wed 10-Apr-13 22:25:21

"Your"? Sorry - I mean "You're"... thinking, etc.

feetlebaum Wed 10-Apr-13 22:24:24

Deedaa - Your thinking of Bird of Prey - the first thing I remember seeing him in, and being very impressed by him.

gracesmum Wed 10-Apr-13 22:19:46

I see that his funeral was held in Stratford yesterday. A lovely man, I thought and a sad loss to the theatre.
I had wondered if DD had seen any famous names (Judi Dench, Daniel Radford, et al) in Stratford yesterday as the RSC are putting her up in a very smart hotel in Church Street close to where the funeral was but she said she was stuck in the theatre all day sad
As You Like It opens on Friday (previews) - lovely music and a great cast including Pippa Nixon as Rosalind. Not advertising of course........!

Oldgreymare Sun 31-Mar-13 14:59:47

Pie in the Sky was so good to watch..... sad to hear the news about Richard Griffiths so many glowing obituaries tho'.

Joan Sun 31-Mar-13 06:01:38

Of course, Richard Griffiths played an excellent part, as he always did. Loved him as Uncle Vernon!!

Joan Sun 31-Mar-13 06:00:13

I will never forget 'The History Boys': there was a character in it, James Lockwood, history student, who became an army officer and died aged 28. I have a son, same name, same age when I saw the film, also then an army reservist officer, who was 28, and a history graduate. I was dead relieved when he turned 29! The part was played by a lad with my Mum's maiden name.

So many coincidences. Of course, it was set in West Yorkshire where that son was born.

I wrote an email to Alan Bennett about the coincidence and got a lovely postcard back.

gracesmum Sat 30-Mar-13 17:39:53

I too was a great fan of Pie in the Sky, but also like Griffiths in The History Boys which I saw at the National some years ago. Very sad.

Deedaa Sat 30-Mar-13 17:05:02

I was very sad to hear the news. Pie in the Sky was a favourite and he was perfect as Uncle Vernon. Does anyone remember a serial he was in years ago? He played a computer expert investigating a conspiracy. I can't remember what it was called, but I think it was probably one of the first things he did on television.It's always stuck in my mind because he was so obviously an actor to watch.

Mishap Fri 29-Mar-13 14:58:55

What a shame. Excellent actor.

Ana Fri 29-Mar-13 14:10:46

We loved Pie in the Sky too. He was also wonderful in The History Boys and many other productions - a great character actor.

LullyDully Fri 29-Mar-13 14:07:23

yes, we used to enjoy the slow pace of Pie in the Sky. one of our good jobbing actors, will be missed.

sunseeker Fri 29-Mar-13 13:59:01

Very sad - I loved him in Pie in the Sky (not a great Harry Potter fan).

j08 Fri 29-Mar-13 13:55:11