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TUSC - A New Party That Helps Over 50s?

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Seeker Mon 06-May-13 15:03:20

Came across this new party when trawling the net, a candidate came to my door during the local elections and realised this is the only party for us poor, old, sick, disabled, and the combinations of all these.

Society now believes that anyone on benefits (and people wrongly believe state pension is a benefit) is a scrounger, despite pensioners contributing over 40 billion pounds a year in taxes.

Many old people have no savings, no works/private pensions and now losing multiple benefits cuts, including Council Tax Benefit.

Savings are meaningless anyway as never again will anyone have enough interest to live off without using up the capital, but the super rich.

As there is a 75% unemployment rate for over 60s, and not a cat in hell's chance of work for over 60s and disabled, and having lost my right of state pension at 60 (along with 2.5 million other women), then all I face under Austerity is being left penniless.

Loss of state pension happened to all pensioners across Europe by EU Directive, which our government happily followed the command.

The full name of TUSC is Trade Unionist and Socialists Against Cuts.
And from their website their policy about pensioners is:

Decent pensions and benefits

● Restore the pre-Thatcher real value of pensions. Reinstate the link with average earnings.

● Protect entitlement to benefits; for living benefits; ...

This is the link to About the TUSC party:

In 2014 we have a unique opportunity as a lot of metropolitan councils have elections and on the same day will be the European elections.

So for local elections we can vote TUSC for the sake of our own lives and vote UKIP for Europe to help that party thrive as well.

As 70% of the population never vote for any party, it is the big parties that are the small parties fighting over a small share of the few 30% who vote.

ConDemLab threaten the lives of the over 50s by Austerity as well as destroying the economy. Labour is now another Tory party and offers the over 50s nothing at all.

TUSC protest against the Bedroom Tax

Councils can just redesignate rooms in homes and social landlords can just break through walls to reduce the bedrooms and avoid the tax for tenants. Without this, they will lose all social tenants because of the multiple loss of benefits coming as a tidal wave by end of 2013 and into 2014.