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whitewave Wed 10-Sep-14 14:46:44

In view of the fact that we are left totally on the side lines during the upcoming Scottish referendum, I wondered if all the English GN's would like to cast a vote for or against Scotland leaving

So folks - For Scotland leaving your vote should be YES.
Against Scotland leaving vote should be NO

We need an adjudicator (any offers) and perhaps you can give a reason for your vote if you so wish I realize that it will not be a secret ballot but as it doesn't count it shouldn't matter

MiceElf Wed 10-Sep-14 14:58:51

No. Unity is strength. I hate nationalism. And most of all because I believe the whole campaign and IndyRef has been profoundly undemocratic.

Signed by MiceElf a British citizen

penguinpaperback Wed 10-Sep-14 15:44:15

Another who hates nationalism. We are a small island and should stay united.

Charleygirl Wed 10-Sep-14 16:10:10

Totally agree

merlotgran Wed 10-Sep-14 16:30:21

I would also be a No voter but I fear that if the Yes voters don't win the resentment will never die down.

rubylady Wed 10-Sep-14 16:44:01

No, I love Scotland and the Scots too much to lose them.

Lilygran Wed 10-Sep-14 16:45:48

We had a thread before about the fact that the people who live in Scotland can unilaterally decide on a matter with the most far-reaching and horrendous implications for all four countries. I blame Blair (as usual) for making decisions for really bad reasons and I blame Cameron for cocking the whole thing up. hmm Unforeseen consequences!

Galen Wed 10-Sep-14 16:50:08


Mamie Wed 10-Sep-14 16:52:59

No. I hate nationalism too.
Mamie (French resident, UK citizen and tax payer).

suebailey1 Wed 10-Sep-14 17:01:03

NO. Lets concentrate on what unites us and not forget all the struggles that were had to create the United Kingdom in the first place. Stronger together!

Bez Wed 10-Sep-14 17:20:42

No ---- I think this would be the beginning of the end for all four countries -

whitewave Wed 10-Sep-14 17:26:57


I didn't mean to exclude any Welsh and Northern Irish GN's from our referendum I simply didn't think- rather like our Government some of the Scottish contingent might add.

whitewave Wed 10-Sep-14 17:29:51

My vote would be NO - I echo all the other voters I dislike Nationalism.
I do think that the whole thing is a total pigs ear though.

tiggypiro Wed 10-Sep-14 17:30:51

No. I think Alex Salmond is on his own ego trip and has very few (if any) details worked out. I do hope that if they vote yes then it does not go pear shaped for them.

jinglbellsfrocks Wed 10-Sep-14 17:41:42

I think it would be quite fun interesting to see what happens, if the Yes lot win.

That's probably not a very intelligent reply. But tbh, I don't mind much either way.

jinglbellsfrocks Wed 10-Sep-14 17:42:41

Wonder what they would decide about the flag (Union Jack) Would look odd without the blue.

shysal Wed 10-Sep-14 17:51:21


kittylester Wed 10-Sep-14 18:03:43

No! But, if it wasn't so serious, it would be funny to see how Alec Salmond copes after a yes vote!

I heard someone say on the radio that they thought he was just trying to scare the British Government into giving Scotland a few more concessions and will be quite out of his depth if he wins!

whitewave Wed 10-Sep-14 19:59:11

Looks like a landslide to me!! Is there anyone out there who would vote YES?

Ana Wed 10-Sep-14 20:15:22

If there were, would they dare say so? confused

rubysong Wed 10-Sep-14 20:21:03

I vote 'no', 'though I fear the Scots will say 'yes'. They have fixed it by giving the vote to sixteen year olds, most of whom will probably want independence and may not have thought through the possible pitfalls.

Ana Wed 10-Sep-14 20:35:46

I do agree about that point, rubysong - what 16/17 year old wouldn't want to buck the system?

papaoscar Wed 10-Sep-14 21:10:31

No - it has taken a very long time to achieve our united nationhood and it would be a tragedy to dismantle it. I am truly saddened that our politicians have allowed us to sink into this mess. The answer lies in federalism and a proper written constitution.

rosequartz Wed 10-Sep-14 21:43:13

Not unless it is a secret ballot.

janeainsworth Wed 10-Sep-14 22:20:23