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Freedom of movement across EU member States.

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Questiontime Sat 29-Aug-15 14:42:09

Please go to this link.

ninathenana Sat 29-Aug-15 14:53:03

Why ?

Anya Sat 29-Aug-15 14:59:01

Not for me either.

durhamjen Sat 29-Aug-15 15:01:55

This one's more up-to-date.

Cameron's the one who needs to read it.

durhamjen Sat 29-Aug-15 15:03:25

By the way, whitewave did whole threads on the EU not so long ago.
You could try looking up what she's already researched, Questiontime.

Questiontime Sat 29-Aug-15 15:18:00

durhamjen, Freedom of movement in employment. Cameron knows all this but hes playing the little englander card.

Cameron is a Thatcherite free marketeer. He wants Social Europe to ditch their long held social democratic model, and adopt our Anglo-Saxon exploitative free market model, its not going to happen.

Questiontime Sat 29-Aug-15 15:19:22

durhamjen, I would sooner do my own research thanks!

Anya Sat 29-Aug-15 15:28:30

That's you told DJ wink

boys can be so touchy can't they?

whitewave Sat 29-Aug-15 15:37:07

dj grin

durhamjen Mon 31-Aug-15 00:13:06

Okay then, Questiontime. Just make sure you do not click on any of my links or you might be corrupted by my research.
You might find they're difficult to avoid, though.

soontobe Mon 31-Aug-15 07:12:46

Is Questiontime more left wing than durhamjen?

Alea Mon 31-Aug-15 07:51:19

Likewise, at least there was a please, but I do not click unknown links without good reason.

Anya Mon 31-Aug-15 08:50:16

This freedom of movement was never intended, originally, to be a freedom to go to another member country just to claim their benefits. It was intended to allow freedom to move between EU countries to work or, possibly, to look for work.

Anya Mon 31-Aug-15 08:50:53

S2B grin wink

durhamjen Mon 31-Aug-15 12:14:31

But that's what most of them do, Anya, either that or come as students. Even students these days appear to be unwelcome, having obstacles put in their way.

Anya Mon 31-Aug-15 12:31:40

Then there ought to be a time limit. If they haven't a job to come to or haven't found employment within a given time they should return to their homeland.

I have no objections at all to people coming here and 'taking our jobs' (good luck to them) but I really have issues with those who only come because our benefit system suits them. Just as I have issues with UK citizens who apparently can't find the work that these EU workers are allegedly stealing!

jinglbellsfrocks Mon 31-Aug-15 12:37:55

I can't quite see how anyone can be expected to have a job to come to (as suggested by some politician or other)Wouldn't they need to be in the country for interviews etc? And I thought that what was what the EU was supposed to be about - freedom of movement for work purposes. (Obviously not to just claim benefits) Either we are in, or we are out, I would have thought.

jinglbellsfrocks Mon 31-Aug-15 12:39:27

Good for the brain, to do your own research. If you really want to.

durhamjen Mon 31-Aug-15 12:58:10

Most foreign born people in this country work, and do not claim benefits except for those who are paid less than enough to live on and claim tax credits.

It's not the foreign born workers that are the problem but those employers who exploit them. That includes many of the care workers working in our care homes, and hospital cleaners, etc.

MargaretX Mon 31-Aug-15 15:29:11

From what I have heard on the news then the borders will have to be closed eventually. Then everything will be much more expensive and the whole movement of goods on trucks and lorries will go into decline.
The borders will have to be policed and evenually the first shots will fall. That and only that, might prevent immigration ( and emmigration)

The ones with valid documents and by that time the Brits will have ID cards, will spend more and more time in queues at borders.
We will then look back on the last 20 years as the Good Old Days.

Anya Mon 31-Aug-15 15:53:02

jingl apparently 60% of EU migrants do have a job to come to.

soontobe Mon 31-Aug-15 16:21:14

You go for an interview, or have a telephone/skype interview.

soontobe Mon 31-Aug-15 16:23:14

Or else you are a relative or friend who has been recommended, so have a job definitely lined up.

soontobe Mon 31-Aug-15 16:24:19

Or have been intervied by the company in this country for a job in another[sorry for thinking of further things after I have posted]

Anya Mon 31-Aug-15 16:44:52

I do that all the time S2B