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Boris is setting out his stall..can we trust him?

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Nandalot Sun 26-Jun-16 22:37:05

Boris has started his bid for the premiership. He is talking about a points based system for immigration, money for the NHS and pursuance of one nation policies started by David Cameron. Is he just saying what people wwNt to hear. Do you think, if made Tory leader, if he becomes Prime Minister, he would stand by these?

daphnedill Sun 26-Jun-16 22:39:51


jinglbellsfrocks Sun 26-Jun-16 22:40:49

No idea. But unless we pay our twentfive quid fee and join the Conservative party, we can't vote anyway.

merlotgran Sun 26-Jun-16 22:41:06

It's far too early to speculate.

jinglbellsfrocks Sun 26-Jun-16 22:42:05

The honest thing for them to do, I suppose, is, get their new leader in place, and then call a general election.

Badenkate Sun 26-Jun-16 22:44:27


Badenkate Sun 26-Jun-16 22:45:13

That's a 'no' for BJ, not the election

Alea Sun 26-Jun-16 23:03:03


Anniebach Sun 26-Jun-16 23:29:56

I don't trust him, he is a man without principles , a liar, a back stabber, an adulter, a hypocrite, dreadful man.

PRINTMISS Mon 27-Jun-16 08:02:18

No. we do not need a buffoon to lead the country.

annsixty Mon 27-Jun-16 08:30:45

That is exactly the right word * PRINTMISS*.

Jane10 Mon 27-Jun-16 08:48:38

Absolutely NOT!

Luckygirl Mon 27-Jun-16 08:55:36

I do not have time for BJ - I would not choose him to organise the village fete. I hope that someone else will be chosen. We cannot have a say, as jings points out unless we join the party, something that I do not wish to do.

Do you object to those policies outlined in the OP?

Oldgreymare Mon 27-Jun-16 09:12:09

Trust Boris, sadly NO!

granjura Mon 27-Jun-16 09:26:57


spyder08 Mon 27-Jun-16 09:35:36

Just to put a spanner in the works, I think he would make an excellent PM.
Last week I said there were three things I was hoping for
1) Out of the EU
2) Boris for PM
3) Trump for US president

One so far but I remain hopeful!

hildajenniJ Mon 27-Jun-16 09:40:38

What they say, and what they do, are usually two different things! How many Prime Ministers over the years have promised us all sorts of things in their election manifestos, only to go back on the promises, or only half fulfill them. I always hope that they will make good what they promise. Boris might be different, who can say?

hildajenniJ Mon 27-Jun-16 09:43:44

That being said, I think there is a very astute statesman hidden under all the bluff, bluster and buffoonery.

dramatictessa Mon 27-Jun-16 09:44:11

No. He is an embarrassment to us all and would not be trusted by other leaders on the world stage. And he has proved himself to be a liar in all areas of his life, can't see him suddenly becoming an honest politician.

Badenkate Mon 27-Jun-16 11:08:15

We are enough of a joke internationally, so why not complete the scene and make Boris PM!

GillT57 Mon 27-Jun-16 12:00:44

No. he is a liar and a cheat. Was sacked by The Times for lying, was sacked by Michael Howard (when PM) for lying. Serial adulterer too. After you have deceived and lied to your wife, anything else is easy. He disgusts me.

GillT57 Mon 27-Jun-16 12:02:21

oh, and Spyder08 this has to be a joke post of yours I assume? What else if on your little list? A plague of boils?

Nandalot Mon 27-Jun-16 12:15:13

I agree he is very astute but only as far as his own interests concern him. I had heard of his sackings for lying. He also, it appears, had two articles written, one pro remain, one pro leave, before announcing his decision. Apparently the remain one had the most convincing arguments.
What worries me is that he is already toning down his buffoonishness and is putting on his oh so moderate, conciliatory, reasonable act, because that is what I think it is.

granjura Mon 27-Jun-16 13:52:55

I can feel a Jeremy Clarkson moment coming on sad perhaps Boris appeals to the same people, for the same reasons?

Tizliz Mon 27-Jun-16 14:02:36

This is all assuming that he is chosen

If more than two nominations are received, a ballot is held within the Parliamentary Party on the Tuesday immediately following the closing date for nominations. An exhaustive ballot system is used to select two candidates to go forward to the general membership of the Party.