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Tegan Wed 20-Jul-16 12:32:01

A while back I mentioned how many racist comments I used to hear from people when I was at work but couldn't give any specific examples as it had all been a few years ago. I just wanted to mention this; more to get it off my chest really because I'm so angry about it. The S.O. was working on his front garden yesterday. His neighbour has a rose bush that's going a bit rampant and the roses are overhanging the fence. Another neighbour walked past, pushed the rose branch out of the way, turned to the S.O. and said 'bloody foreigners'. He was so taken aback he couldn't think of a good reply. The foreigner in question gets up early for work each day, comes back quite late and travels the world with his job. He's also a talented musician and an all round good guy. As far as I know the neighbour who complained has a family that, to my knowledge, have contributed nothing to society; in fact there are things about them that I daren't mention on a public forum. This is the sort of thing I overheard at work time and time again. It saddens me so much. I still maintain that brexit has fuelled this even more.

Anniebach Wed 20-Jul-16 13:08:47

It doesn't matter that one man works and has musical talents whist the other man does sod all .there has always been people like Mr Sod All, but it is a fact since the referendum people seem to think they have won the freedom to verbally and/or physically abuse those who are not British. Police forces are dealing with a rapid increase in racial abuse . I too feel both sad and angry

Tegan Wed 20-Jul-16 13:14:04

What scares me is that the neighbour [it was a woman actually]just assumed that the S.O. would agree with her.

jevive73 Wed 20-Jul-16 13:48:00

What's an SO??

Anya Wed 20-Jul-16 14:06:56

Significant Other.

hildajenniJ Wed 20-Jul-16 14:14:35

I have a lovely ex colleague who is from Romania. He is a highly qualified mental health nurse and works in the nursing home I retired from. Since the EU referendum he has had his house egged twice and his car vandalised. The low life responsible has been arrested by the police. He is a well known troublemaker who lives on benefits. These good people come to this country to do a very difficult and often distressing job. I fail to understand what motivates these idiots.

TriciaF Wed 20-Jul-16 14:19:37

Envy and fear? And it's part of the NIMBY syndrome (not in my back yard.)

Anniebach Wed 20-Jul-16 14:34:01

I just don't think we should be concerned about being on benefits or working, racism is vile no matter who suffers the racist attacks .

jevive73 Wed 20-Jul-16 14:51:37

Thanks Anya

Stansgran Wed 20-Jul-16 17:44:49

I have neither seen nor heard anything racist since the referendum. Where is it happening?

thatbags Wed 20-Jul-16 19:10:17

I don't recall seeing or hearing a racist attack anywhere, ever.

I think Brexit is going to get blamed for everything it possibly can (and can't) be blamed for for quite a while. It's the non-racist way of blaming someone(s) else for all that's going wrong in thr UK. Same as comments like "bloody foreigners" when you think about it, just bloody brexiters instead.

Makes a change from global warming or Iraq, I suppose.

thatbags Wed 20-Jul-16 19:12:11

Technically speaking "bloody foreigners" isn't racist anyway. Xenophobic perhaps but not racist.

thatbags Wed 20-Jul-16 19:15:13

I wonder if it's a geographical thing, stansgran? Cities are supposed to be more cosmopolitan than rural outbacks and the cities I've lived in were... at least the parts I had anything to with were. But then, so were the small town and rural places I've lived in as well.

Perhaps we just don't mix with the 'right' people? wink

rosesarered Wed 20-Jul-16 19:15:34

grin Anya I agree, it's getting a bit like when we lived in Camelford, Cornwall.There was an incident with the mains water ( unusable for a while) and for years after , every ill was put down to ' it's the water!'

rosesarered Wed 20-Jul-16 19:16:22

I have never heard racist comments or incidents either.

rosesarered Wed 20-Jul-16 19:17:56

Sorry, wrong poster ( I claim old age) I meant the comment to thatbags

Riverwalk Wed 20-Jul-16 19:37:54

For those expressing surprise/cynicism at the reports of racism/xenophobia because you've never witnessed it ..... how many of you have witnessed child abuse, rape or murder?

There's been a reported increase in anti-immigrant incidents - I'm inclined to believe it.

thatbags Wed 20-Jul-16 19:44:03

I believe the reports too, river. I still think that racism generally is not common in Britain. I know racist incidents happen and I would not like to have been in tegan's position where she heard racist or xenophobic comments a lot.

durhamjen Wed 20-Jul-16 19:59:54

Was Kelvin Mackenzie's rant about the channel four newsreader wearing a hijab in Nice racism?
Did none of you see or read about that?

Stansgran Wed 20-Jul-16 20:08:50

I didn't. But then I don't have time to watch much tv.

durhamjen Wed 20-Jul-16 20:19:15
Not on TV.

durhamjen Wed 20-Jul-16 20:22:48

By the way, most immigrants in Durham are American, Stansgran.
Strangely, I do not think that people will tell Americans to go home. They will assume they are on holiday.

thatbags Wed 20-Jul-16 20:33:04

Perhaps the episode you mention was racism, dj. I didn't see it either. I read about someone somewhere pulling a woman's niqab off!

The point I was trying to make is that I don't think the Brexit vote can be blamed directly for the recent upsurge in racist attacks. Brexit has not caused racism. Some people who had racist tendencies already are using the Brexit vote as an excuse (not that it is an excuse, but you know what I mean) to express what before Brexit was presumably suppressed racism. I think and hope this up surge will be dealt with and will die down.

durhamjen Wed 20-Jul-16 20:46:56

So racist ideas were always there and Brexit has encouraged it out in the open. Therefore it is the fault of Brexit.
Just heard tha Mishcon de Reya have been racially abused online, so people who were going to go to court with them and challenge article 50 have pulled out.

Don't care how you try and justify it, it's wrong.

granjura Wed 20-Jul-16 20:53:22

Sorry but I don't agree. Did you see the front pages of the populist Press during the run up to the Referendum? Full of hate, ridiculous figures, and much worse. And the Farage in front of THAT poster- and the pamphlets and door knockers and street canvassers for UKIP - pure racism and xenophobia- and yes, it has rubbed on very much in some areas of Britain - denial of such is quite incredible, really.

Just because you have not experienced in your specific area- doesn't mean it does not happen and has not increased significantly.