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Terrorist shootings in Munich

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rosesarered Fri 22-Jul-16 22:16:43

Yet more terrorist killings (in Germany, this time) will it never end!

whitewave Fri 22-Jul-16 22:19:03

It feels as if we are on the brink of something dreadful. Hopefully it's just my reaction.

Luckygirl Fri 22-Jul-16 22:29:24

I keep reminding myself that in some ways this is nothing new. The IRA and the Bade-Meinhof gang blighted the news for most of my young adult life. A shop exploded behind me in Brum on one occasion.

I know that this has a more global feel to it, but it is all part of what seems to repeat itself endlessly - it makes you want to despair. But I won't.

Cherrytree59 Fri 22-Jul-16 22:37:57

sad and angry

merlotgran Fri 22-Jul-16 22:43:21

We've just been saying the same thing, Luckygirl.

During the IRA atrocities, DH wanted to take DS, who was only seven, to the Smithfield Agricultural Show at Earls Court because he used to get free tickets every year. I wouldn't let him go because there had been threats.

It turned out the threats were from anti-fur campaigners and not the IRA.

There's always been something somewhere to worry about but I fear this is all going to escalate.

Nowhere can really claim to be safe.

merlotgran Fri 22-Jul-16 22:59:31

If News reports are correct it seems that children have been targeted again. sad

Luckylegs9 Sat 23-Jul-16 08:20:17

It is impossible to know when and where the atrocities will strike. The world seems a very unsafe place. I love travelling, it's in my blood I think, but am now altering my view. My heart goes out to all those victims in Munich

rosesarered Sat 23-Jul-16 11:24:34

It seems only one gunman( only 18!) of Iranian/German nationality.

sarahc446655 Sat 23-Jul-16 16:24:40

What's needed is not for people's hearts to go out but their protests again the killing of innocent people.
Also the promises made by leaders to let large numbers of refugees into their countries without organising basic practices like checking someone's background or leaving them in-definitely in limbo where they have to endure justified suspicion by the local population. Where large numbers of economic migrants are taking assistance away from genuine refugees.
In this country they are sent to poor areas to housing estates etc. where they are the targets of the incidious menace of anti-social behaviour - how is any of this a positive development.
All of the above is the product of left-wing, pie in the sky, good intentions - not reality.

Anniebach Sat 23-Jul-16 16:55:14

It hasn't been said it was a terrorist attack. If it is so that this young man was mentally ill surely the coverage by rolling news will just fuel more to do the same, people crying, laying flowers , speaking of their grief could be an attraction to an unbalanced mind , these atrocities are on rolling news all day , if terrorist groups they will enjoy watching the pain they have caused , seems we are feeding a need

granjura Sat 23-Jul-16 17:47:37

Sadly I think you are right.

granjura Sat 23-Jul-16 17:54:03

German police have confirmed:

The 18-year-old gunman who killed nine people in Munich was obsessed with mass shootings but had no known links to the Islamic State group, German police say.

Written material on such attacks was found in his room. Munich's police chief spoke of links to the massacre by Norway's Anders Behring Breivik- (who killed in the name of Christianity against Islam).

Anniebach Sat 23-Jul-16 19:38:11

So very sad, lost lives

MargaretX Sat 23-Jul-16 21:34:59

It seems he planned it all, hacked a facebook account and invited them all to Mac donalds and there they all were sitting eating when he arrived and shot them all.

I got this from German Telekom website a few minutes ago.

I think FB is dangerous nowadays.

JessM Sat 23-Jul-16 22:21:33

It was the anniversary of the mass shooting of young people in Scandinavia. Terrorist implies a political movement involved. Seems that this was not the case. I wish that newspapers, and others, would not jump to conclusions before investigations have taken place. e.g. Daily Mail today "Another day, another terrorist attack"

BlueBelle Sun 24-Jul-16 07:12:41

It doesn't appear to be a terrorist shooting He was a lone man who was known to have a mental health illness and was obsessed with guns Not known to be linked to any religious or terrorist groups
The media make me sick no wonder people are so anti everything

JessM Sun 24-Jul-16 07:51:24

Boris Johnson included in this rushing to blame middle eastern terrorism,

absent Sun 24-Jul-16 07:51:38

It has always been unknown where atrocities will strike. Both armed angry individuals and terrorists with political agenda have popped up in many different countries over many years in many centuries. Remember, remember Guy Fawkes and the Catesby plot. In the UK Special Branch was founded in the nineteenth century to deal with Irish political terrorism and when that had been scotched, it had to deal with anarchists from Peter the Painter onwards. This is not a 21st-century phenomenon; it's just that we have 24/7 news and rather more sophisticated and lethal weaponry than Gavrilo Princip who managed to managed to ignite the Great War – at least, he did, the second time round.

I'm not being flippant. I lived in London during the time when our bags were searched every time we went into a shop, cinema or theatre. I was a short walk away from a bomb going off in Oxford Street anda short ride from one going off at Victoria Station. I was travelling in a car to a trade fair in Frankfurt when Hans Martin Schleyer (not sure of the spelling) had been kidnapped (and, as it turned out, killed) by Baader Meinhof. Of course it is frightening; it has always been frightening for those living through such times. However, it is important not to get things out of proportion and see a bigger evil than the smaller evil that has happened.

whitewave Sun 24-Jul-16 08:00:05

Diplomacy is not a word Johnson is familiar with.Kerry made that clear at the press conference with a quiet put down.

Anya Sun 24-Jul-16 08:09:08

Oh for heavens sake! Most people thought this was a terrorist attack at first.

Stop turning everything into a political hate campaign. It's this warped way of seeing the world that breeds these monsters.

Christinefrance Sun 24-Jul-16 08:55:48

I agree with MargaretX social media sites are almost encouraging these hate crimes and radical ideas.

Gagagran Sun 24-Jul-16 08:56:38

I find it really odd that they are linking this young Iranian-German man to Anders Breivik who was/is a Nazi believer in the purity of the Nordic race. He would want nothing to do with this young man.

I agree Anya. I suspect we all thought it was another Isis type attack so why use it now as a stick to beat Boris with? This irrationality is getting a bit pathetic.

WilmaKnickersfit Sun 24-Jul-16 09:03:39

The killings in Munich are more like those we see in the US, where someone with access to a gun of some kind goes on a rampage. This is a killing spree like Columbine or Virginia Tech. In the current climate, I don't think it was unreasonable to assume this was a terrorist attack, but I am sure many like me will have hoped it was not. Anything not to divide public opinion further on immigration. Although the killer was terrorising people, he was not a terrorist in the accepted used of the word.

petra Sun 24-Jul-16 18:56:31

Latest news. Syrian refugee, aged 21 has killed a pregnant woman with a machete, injuring another man and woman. He's under arrest.

WilmaKnickersfit Sun 24-Jul-16 23:05:02

From what I've read, this tragedy is about an argument and is not a terrorist attack.