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Granny23 Sun 03-Dec-17 10:40:28

The forthcoming closure of the last Bank in our nearest small town (BofS) and the RBS branches in the nearest bigger towns leaves us with a dilemma. As Ian can no longer be left 'home alone', has difficulty walking any distance and cannot safely be left sitting in the car for any length of time, our next nearest alternative Bank (RBS in the city) might as well be on the moon. YES - I know that there is internet banking but that is of no use if someone e.g. the Tax Office decides to send a tax refund as a cheque instead of paying it direct back to the account from whence it came or you have a load of cash (say from a fundraising activity) what are you supposed to do with that?

The only Bank on the Isle of Barra which we use when on holiday there is also set to close, leaving Islanders and visitors/tourists/cruise ship passengers, with no access to banking facilities - nearest alternative branch is 2 ferries and a 50 mile drive away. This on an island with extremely poor and intermittent internet connections

With my political hat on I am thinking that it is time we had a Community owned Scottish Bank which would be dedicated to serving the customers rather than making vast profits, and paying huge bonuses to the top brass (rewarding failure?) - Sounds as if I am reinventing the TSB or Co-op Bank.

I am currently investigating the fairly local Credit Union but think that you have to be resident in that village to join. Any thoughts folks?

Tizliz Sun 03-Dec-17 11:24:24

Will you not get a mobile bank? Both BOS and RBS send their mobile bank round - no bank or cash point for 25 miles now. It is a pain when it is cold and raining as you need to queue outside so I use the post office. Was amused to see the owner of the shop where the P.O. now is queuing at the mobile bank! He explained that the PO has limits on the amount of cash you can pay in. The P.O. is now much busier and a lot further for me to walk but if gives me a chance to catch up on the gossip.

Marydoll Sun 03-Dec-17 11:38:59

It's absolutely shocking to hear of the closures. I read an article about the Barra closure yesterday, which will leave local businesses in a great deal of trouble.
Recently I locked myself out of my Barclay's pin sentry reader. I phoned the bank to be told the only way to unlock it was to go into a Barclays branch to unlock it on a particular ATM. I explained that our local branch had closed down and that I have mobility issues. Visiting the nearest branch would involve driving to the nearest station, getting a train into Glasgow and then having to walk to the branch. They were sorry, but nothing could be done, I would have to sort it myself. The banks have us over a barrel. sad

Synonymous Sun 03-Dec-17 11:46:33

Same here, we have no bank in our town and only one machine for withdrawals only. No way of paying money in. In any case I need cash to pay my casual helpers so am now having to take out large sums and stashing it for when it is needed. I need to have smaller denominations as nobody seem to have change nowadays. DS is convinced that this is all part of the move to a cashless society so that all our transactions can be tracked and taxation is easier for the powers that be.
When DH came out of hospital the last time and I couldn't leave him I had to pay for the grocery shopping online of one of my helpers in order to pay her. It worked fortunately but that has made me stash the cash now, trying to work out what I need on a monthly basis. I have even been considering buying a stash of supermarket vouchers.
I remember about 20 plus years ago in the small town where we then lived that there was a Lets system in operation which worked very well. Apparently there is always someone, usuaally someone like a builder, who is owed massive amounts and ways have to be found to recompense them but it can be worked out amongst groups of people where there is willingness.
I would be very interested in a citizens bank but my brain nowadays is not up to sorting out the doings of such a thing so I am afraid no input here! We will be going back to the barter system before long!

MawBroon Sun 03-Dec-17 11:58:28

I am furious! As I remember WE the taxpayers bailed out RBS after the 2008/9 debacle and this is how they thank us?
680 p45’s handed out just before Christmas, not a thought or care for their customers.
Yes there is internet banking but there is also FRAUD on internet banking. Yes there is telephone banking if you have an entire afternoon to spare, but that doesn’t meet our needs.
As it happens my “local” (ha ha) RBS branch, MK 6 or so miles away has been reprieved while the HSBC in our nearest town has closed. I /we bank with both and I am having to very carefully reconsider which accounts I keep open.
There is no banking “service”as such is there?

ninathenana Sun 03-Dec-17 12:53:52

I hope our Nat West doesn't close. We've been with them about 45 yrs.
Two banks have gone in our town, Nat West and Lloyds all that's left. Also the nearest branch of our building society is 15 miles away.
I feel sorry for those without transport.
I'm affraid I don't trust internet banking and as others have said, there are times when you need to go in branch.

Synonymous Sun 03-Dec-17 13:37:33

A mobile bank is great when the weather is fine and warm and you can manage the steps. If unable to use stairs a member of staff will come out to you when it is your turn to go in but it is a very miserable exprience! angry We have different ones which turn up for an hour in different places but it is not always possible to get there and the times are inaccurate.

jollyg Sun 03-Dec-17 13:44:36

Internet banker here, without to date any problems. I hope I don't speak too soon!

All the bad banking practice came from OOSA. And once greed took hold, you can't reverse it sadly.

I am so sad for folk who live in out lying places with no branches or flakey internet.

Cant think of a remedy for those in the country.

Will barter using shells make a comeback.

I foresee more scams and rogues out there.

Cynical Moi?

FarNorth Sun 03-Dec-17 13:47:42

Is there a post office or sub post office?
Some banks have an arrangement for paying in cheques and getting cash, via the post office.

FarNorth Sun 03-Dec-17 13:53:34

DS is convinced that this is all part of the move to a cashless society so that all our transactions can be tracked and taxation is easier for the powers that be.

I agree with him.

FarNorth Sun 03-Dec-17 14:03:05

The link given by Marydoll includes a petition against the Barra bank closure.
Here is a link to the petition:

Marydoll Sun 03-Dec-17 14:36:08

It's easy to sign, just your name and email address.

jollyg Sun 03-Dec-17 15:26:32

Re Tax evasion.

That is exactly what happened in India last autumn [2016] in India.

MODI, PM in his wisdom only told his pals of his plans to demonitise. All 500/1000 R notes were to be withdrawn, and then re issued with new. This was to take a month.
to rid the country of'black' money.

Given that beggars are paid in the lowest currency, less than our pence. How do they get bank accounts to pay into.

They were all offered ATM cards, providing of course they had an abode/ address. Most did not.

Fraud in India, bribes, cash to vote for a party etc are still rife, and will never be accounted for.

When we were there we used to get a bottle of beer. One weekend the shop was empty. There was a local election, and it was all spoken for.

There used to be phrase used.

'Britain gave India bureaucracy, India perfected it, which it has.'

I would hope that UK does not go down that slippery slope

ninathenana Sun 03-Dec-17 15:29:30

Phew, I've just found the list and our branch is not on it.

Cherrytree59 Sun 03-Dec-17 15:46:33

We don't do internet banking
But use telephone banking.
The post office provides a banking service where we are able to pay in HSBC cheques or get cash back (don't like outside ATM machines)
I believe the post office offers this service for a number of banks.
I think this also helps to keep the post office open as they too were under threat of closure.

Cherrytree59 Sun 03-Dec-17 15:50:24

Sorry just reiterated what FarNorth posted

lemongrove Sun 03-Dec-17 19:43:10

It’s a problem for a lot of people.Internet banking and telephone banking is fine, but when there are cheques to pay in....
Luckily, at the moment, there are two nearby towns we can go to who have our banks, but actual physical banks will surely vanish in the not too distant future.

lemongrove Sun 03-Dec-17 19:45:01

None of which helps you granny23 and a co-operative bank for Scottish islands sounds a good idea.

tanith Sun 03-Dec-17 20:22:05

I think it's awful bit inevitable I'm afraid. Did you know you can pay cheques in by post as a last resort as long as you have a paying slip book

tanith Sun 03-Dec-17 20:22:38

Paying in slip book.

Baggs Sun 03-Dec-17 20:23:40

You can post cheques to a bank to be paid in.

Baggs Sun 03-Dec-17 20:25:18

x-posts, tanith. It has been my first resort for paying in cheques for yonks (more than a decade). Everything else I do online.

tanith Sun 03-Dec-17 20:38:44

Me too Baggs I've been banking online for many years and so far no problems.

Wheniwasyourage Sun 03-Dec-17 20:44:49

Our local RBS branch closed in the last round and our accounts were moved to the next branch 10 miles away eastwards. Now it is closing too, and no doubt we will be moved further away in the same direction, to a town where we never go. We will continue to go, when we need to use an RBS branch, 18 miles westward. Now we are using the Building Society account more and more for paying in cheques. It's also 18 miles away, but the queues are shorter.

It's the fraud that stops us going on to internet banking, (but at least we do have reasonable broadband unlike many who will be stuck now without an easily accessible bank). There are so many stories of bankers who refuse to use internet banking because it isn't safe that it doesn't inspire any confidence at all. angry

Our RBS credit card , which I used to pay in the branch, when we had one, cannot be paid on the phone with a debit card from January. They sent us a list of "faster" payment options, including the Post Office. The local Post Office said it was the first they'd heard of it, and I see that now that option no longer appears on the list of ways to pay. angry angry

We are seriously considering, if internet banking becomes impossible to avoid, going with Triodos. They are not local either, but at least they seem to have some moral sense.

MaizieD Sun 03-Dec-17 21:40:43


Do you not have anyone you trust (a close relative, for example) living near who could pay in cash for you? As far as I am aware anyone can pay into your account; it doesn't have to be you in person.

As others have said, cheques can be paid in by post or via the Post Office.

Of course, this doesn't solve the wider problem of branch closures and the difficulties it poses for people who already have limited access.