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Granny23 Sun 03-Dec-17 10:40:28

The forthcoming closure of the last Bank in our nearest small town (BofS) and the RBS branches in the nearest bigger towns leaves us with a dilemma. As Ian can no longer be left 'home alone', has difficulty walking any distance and cannot safely be left sitting in the car for any length of time, our next nearest alternative Bank (RBS in the city) might as well be on the moon. YES - I know that there is internet banking but that is of no use if someone e.g. the Tax Office decides to send a tax refund as a cheque instead of paying it direct back to the account from whence it came or you have a load of cash (say from a fundraising activity) what are you supposed to do with that?

The only Bank on the Isle of Barra which we use when on holiday there is also set to close, leaving Islanders and visitors/tourists/cruise ship passengers, with no access to banking facilities - nearest alternative branch is 2 ferries and a 50 mile drive away. This on an island with extremely poor and intermittent internet connections

With my political hat on I am thinking that it is time we had a Community owned Scottish Bank which would be dedicated to serving the customers rather than making vast profits, and paying huge bonuses to the top brass (rewarding failure?) - Sounds as if I am reinventing the TSB or Co-op Bank.

I am currently investigating the fairly local Credit Union but think that you have to be resident in that village to join. Any thoughts folks?

MaizieD Sun 03-Dec-17 21:47:31


Are you aware that Triodos has strong links with the Steiner movement?

This may or may not bother you but for all it's 'Green' credentials I, personally, would be wary of it.

MaizieD Sun 03-Dec-17 21:48:09

Damn! Errant apsotrophe its...