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The PM met every single EU demand! Dreadful deal!

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Day6 Fri 07-Dec-18 16:02:51

“*It’s a good deal , FOR THE EUROPEAN UNION.*

For the UK I think it’s probably the worst deal in history.

You probably can’t even believe your luck that you came up against a British Prime Minister who met every single demand of yours.

So says Nigel Farage and I hope he'll be heard. Theresa May has shown her Remainer colours.

The silence on the other side of the channel is deafening. They all have their fingers crossed and breath held that somehow this dreadful deal and the ultimatum that there is nothing else but the deal on offer will appeal to UK politicians.

I hope it's thrown out because NO DEAL is a great deal better for the UK than the one on the table right now. We might as well wave a white flag and hand over our billions to Brussels in perpetuity.

We have been crushed. It must be rejected, but I suspect enough REMAINER MPs and those who enjoy and benefit from the political gravy train will see it through.

notanan2 Sat 08-Dec-18 21:10:16

The silence on the other side of the channel is deafening.

No its not. I have been following news sources from WITHIN other EU countries, have you?

winterwhite Sat 08-Dec-18 21:48:16

I think that TM's first and biggest mistake was to treat the narrow majority of the badly-run referendum as an overwhelming one. She has hidden behind 'the British people voted to leave' all along, using it to counter every hint of criticism. And she didn't adjust her position when the manipulation of the leave campaign was revealed, and she has not adjusted it in the light of well informed financial predictions, commissioned by her government.

If she had said from the beginning that the majority was so tiny that compromises would have to be made and the result didn't justify a hard brexit matters might be much easier now.

Nonnie Sun 09-Dec-18 10:12:06

I saw a video of JC on Sky News and he is still maintaining that he could renegotiate the deal. What is it about these party leaders that they either don't listen or simply ignore facts?

Why do so few seem to not understand that a big organisation has much stronger buying power than a small one? What makes them think the corner shop will be able to negotiate a better deal than a big supermarket chain?

OK, the EU has its faults but surely it is better than going it alone? We are one little country, not an empire now.

Telly Sun 09-Dec-18 11:30:19

I voted remain, but I think this is a terrible deal. The Government is in such a mess that I can't see a way forward. There should have been cross party representation rather than this Eton mess. I doubt that MPs will have the bottle to let the country crash out to a no deal, but time will tell.

Bridgeit Tue 11-Dec-18 23:39:08

Good post Nonnie.

NannyJan53 Wed 12-Dec-18 08:20:00

Spot on Nonnie, I cannot understand why people do not realise this either!

Nonnie Wed 12-Dec-18 13:59:01

Wish I could turn my radio off and switch the whole idea off too. Can't, I'm a news junkie!

Day6 Wed 12-Dec-18 14:14:27

OK, the EU has its faults but surely it is better than going it alone? We are one little country, not an empire now.

That seems very defeatist.

We haven't been 'an empire' for ages. That argument doesn't hold water.

Why should we pay billions to the EU to be a part of THAT empire - one wanting to become the POLITICAL federal states of Europe?

The economies of MANY EU member states are in dire straits. Guess whose billions will be bailing out the failing euro and those little countries who take but don't give?


What businessman would enter into a deal where his hands are tied by the bosses of the organisation, but he still has to pay a gigantic membership fee?

I am fed up with those who see the UK of only being capable and worthy as long as Juncker put us in handcuffs.

We need to leave now. Yesterday Juncker said there will be no re-negotiation, no room for amendments or UK concessions regarding Ireland/the backstop..

Doesn't that ring huge warning bells?

petra Wed 12-Dec-18 16:51:06

On the subject of drunker Juncker: he really knows how to upset people.
He's given the nod to France to overspend on their budget to appease the rioters but told Italy they must keep within their budget grin
'If' we did stay in the eu we would at sometime be forced to take the euro. The above could happen to us.

Luckygirl Wed 12-Dec-18 17:45:04

Mrs May has obviously not played poker! Her negotiating stance was to lock us into a leave date right near the beginning of the process - now she is reaping that reward - silly lady!

soop Wed 12-Dec-18 17:56:30

Elegran Well said. flowers

Welshwife Wed 12-Dec-18 17:58:19

One of the points which Cameron came back from the EU with before the referendum was that the U.K. would not be asked to help bail out any country with the Euro! Another was that U.K. would not need to join any Euro Army - not that there are any plans for one yet - the other Prime Ministers have told Macron that is not on the cards.
He did in fact get the majority of what he asked for.

MaizieD Wed 12-Dec-18 18:21:26

Also that we should never be required to join the euro and that we would not be expected to be involved in 'ever closer union'

From Cameron's report to parliament on his negotiations.

The fourth area in which we wanted to make significant changes was to protect our country from further European political integration and to increase powers for our national Parliament. Ever since we joined, Europe has been on the path to something called ever closer union. It means a political union. We have never liked it; we have never wanted it. Now Britain will be permanently and legally excluded from it. The text says that the treaties will be changed to make it clear that

“the Treaty references to ever closer union do not apply to the United Kingdom.”

So as a result of this negotiation, Britain can never be part of a European superstate.

trisher Wed 12-Dec-18 18:41:44

Is this the same Nigel Farage whose kids will have German passports? That should tell you something about his real opinion.

varian Thu 20-Dec-18 18:34:31

Well, Theresa May is probably glad of almost any support she can get for her much maligned Brexit deal. But the endorsement of global bad guy Vladimir Putin was perhaps not what she was hoping for.

The Russian president faced the world's media today for his annual end of year press conference, a staple of the Christmas calendar famed for how long Putin will hold forth on all sorts of subjects.

Asked about Brexit it's hardly surprising that the man charged with trampling on international rules ignored the convention that leaders don't comment on other countries' internal politics. He said he understood Theresa May's position before asking a series of rhetorical question about the nature of democracy. Which some might think a bit rich from the man routinely accused of closing down opposition in a variety of brutal ways and rigging elections. "Was it not a referendum," he said. "Someone disliked the result so repeat it over and over? Is this democracy? What then would be the point of the referendum in the first place?"