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Terrorist stabbing at Station.

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Buffybee Tue 01-Jan-19 15:25:19

I'm not sure that this has been widely reported but it has been brought, very close to home.
The 02Arena, where the Arianna Grande atrocity happened, leads directly from Victoria Station and now there has been another terrorist attack there.
My lovely Grandchildren travel to and from Manchester Victoria a lot and had been at the Station only a few hours before on their way to a NYE party.
The couple were just randomly attacked and stabbed, thank goodness so many Police were present, otherwise it could have been much worse.
What a truly, scared World we live in!

Buffybee Tue 01-Jan-19 15:26:42


Chewbacca Tue 01-Jan-19 15:33:11

It's very scary Buffy. Manchester has suffered several terrorist attacks over the years and it feels as though, just as we're getting out confidence back, another incident takes place. The man who's been arrested is from the Cheetham Hill area and so is a local to the area. I sincerely hope that the victims make a full recovery.

Buffybee Tue 01-Jan-19 15:47:16

It's scared me so much Chewy, knowing the girls were there just hours before.
I'm glad in a way they're both at Uni in Newcastle and only have to travel through the Station when they travel back and the odd trips down there with friends while they're home.
I'm usually the one who picks then up from the Station when they come home and I used to have a coffee, then wait by the barrier for them. I stopped doing that a while ago and started to park up just outside the car park but I'm going back to meeting them from the train after this.

Nonnie Tue 01-Jan-19 15:53:49

Yes, it has been widely reported by the BBC. I don't live in the area but have heard it several times today.

It always feels more personal when it is near to home or a place you know well. Somehow you feel it in your heart as well as your head.

Can anyone explain why they don't name the person the think is guilty? It was a few days before they named the people they arrested for the drone attack but they named Cliff Richard before even searching his home. What is the difference?

BlueBelle Tue 01-Jan-19 16:08:39

Well they should neve4 have named the people in the drone attack as they were a totally innocent couple whose lives have been made so difficult that they have needed medical help
I think you may find Cliff Richard was a leaked name by the press
No one should be named untik l they are totally sure, there have been many miscarriages of justice

Chewbacca Tue 01-Jan-19 16:15:26

? Bluebelle. Have they named the attacker? I haven't seen that?

Chewbacca Tue 01-Jan-19 16:21:07

I've just checked on local news and there's no mention of any names having been released, only that he's 25 years old, originally from Somalia and moved to the UK with his family 12 years ago. There seems to be little doubt that the attack was terrorist related due to what he was shouting when he stabbed his 3 victims.

BlueBelle Tue 01-Jan-19 17:08:48

No they haven’t that was in answer to Nannie who seemed to think they should have

BlueBelle Tue 01-Jan-19 17:09:34

Nonnie not Nannie

DoraMarr Tue 01-Jan-19 17:13:08

A terrorist or someone with mental heath problems?

Nonnie Tue 01-Jan-19 17:24:39

No that is not what I think Bluebelle. I would appreciate it if you didn't interpret what I said. I asked a question because I wanted to know why some are named and some are not. I still would like to know why that is.

Grannyben Tue 01-Jan-19 19:03:26

I wonder if it's because they are still trying to determine his true identity. Maybe they think alleged terrorists from Somalia might go under more than one name

Grannyben Tue 01-Jan-19 19:04:51

Whereas we all knew exactly who cliff Richard is and the BBC no doubt felt it would make good viewing over the breakfast cereal

Chewbacca Tue 01-Jan-19 19:18:27

I have no idea if this is actually the case but maybe the police would be reluctant to release the terrorist's name immediately in case he's part of a terrorist cell and that would stymie them tracing the other members?

Blinko Tue 01-Jan-19 19:32:45

This person appears to have been acting alone, going by recent accounts. Sadly there are always going to be lone fanatics of any or all persuasions.

As to why some people are named and some are not, I think it likely that someone like Cliff Richard, in those particular circumstances, is named in case others come forward with corroborating evidence, as has happened in other cases.

oldbatty Tue 01-Jan-19 19:35:06

sad and worrying.

Nonnie Wed 02-Jan-19 10:02:22

Thanks for the comments re: why some are named and some not. I can only assume there is no rule about such things or someone would have quoted it. Perhaps it is up to the police officers involved to make a decision based on whether it would be helpful or not.

DoraMarr Wed 02-Jan-19 10:15:43

Cliff Richard should not have been named, as the court found. His name was leaked to the press. Detainees’ names are not released until the police feel they have a good case.

Labaik Wed 02-Jan-19 12:57:24

But those people who were wrongly accused of the drone attack were on the front pages of the newspapers almost straight away.

EllanVannin Wed 02-Jan-19 13:02:40

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mcem Wed 02-Jan-19 13:47:43

He has been detained under the MH act.
I wonder if Ellan might explain who 'they' are.
Surely not the injured bystanders?

And then expand on her theory about the Mental issues card.

Riverwalk Wed 02-Jan-19 13:56:59

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janeainsworth Wed 02-Jan-19 13:58:01

Yes mcem I’d like some amplification of Ellanvannin’s last post too confused

mcem Wed 02-Jan-19 16:10:43

Pleased to see the first deletion which was blatantly racist but not so sure why the second had to be binned.
jane looks like no amplification is forthcoming.